Rift Quest:Silence the Whispers  

Tempest Rising
World Event

10/18/12 to
Speak to Queen Miela outside the Chancel of Labors in Iron Pine Peak to begin this quest. You must first complete Emissary to the Ice Watch.

  • Find and kill 5 of Crucia's spies worth experience hidden within the ranks of your faction's outposts. Use the temporary ability "Treachery Revealed" on the spies. Like the previous quest, these are NPCs that glow blue and are found in various outposts (towns/villages) around Telara.
    • Good places for level 50 are Zareph's Return and Fortune's Shore
  • Once you use the ability they will become an aggressive mob and you must kill them for the update.

This quest rewards experience and coin. It can be completed during the Tempest Rising event.

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