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Chronicle: Hammerknell Fortress
Painstalker Broodmother
Valeri Prime
Rune King Molinar
Prince Dollin

Chronicles of Telara

This is called "Hammerknell: Runes of Corruption" in the Chronicle window.
for the 20-man Raid, see Hammerknell Fortress

A new two-man Chronicles zone that was introduced with Rift Patch 1.5.

When the gates of the fallen dwarven city of Hammerknell finally opened, a small part was sent to scout ahead and see what horrors wait inside. They vanished without a trace, and now you must venture in and seek out both the fate of the scouting part and of Hammerknell itself.

Kostya Maikov
Kostya Maikov
In the Throne of the Rune King there are four statues, two on each side, of heroes of the Dwarven past. A nameplate at the foot of the statue bears the legend.

  • Captain Miron Shistyev: Founder of the Rune Guard
  • Stas Prokina: Stonemason responsible for the throne of Hammerknell
  • Kostya Maikov: Hero of the Elven wars
  • Makar Belghan: Discovered the art of runebinding



This zone is basically four rooms: the Entry Hall, the Great Hall, the Halls of Knowledge and the Throne of the Rune King. The corridors that connect the Great Hall to the Throne of the Rune King are called the Halls of Command but there is no boss in this section. In the entry hall you will meet with Borrin Gammult. The dwarves will assist you in the first and second rooms.

The random Treasure Chest has been seen in Halls of Knowledge and Halls of Command.

  • Entry Hall: There are two groups of three mobs in the middle (Dominating Ghoul and two Cursed Delvers in the static group, two Delvers and a Runebroken Golem in the pathing group) , with four Runebroken Golems along the walls. Be methodical and take your time. Wait for the pathers to turn away, then pull the middle three nearest you. Next, single-pull the golems to either side. Then the roamers, and finally the last two golems.

  • Great Hall: Kill the three mobs in the center; next clear the left, then the right. The stairs to the right lead up to the Halls of Knowledge. Once you have defeated the Broodmother, return and talk to Borrin to release Murdantix. One player should stay by the Rune Vessel and click it throughout the fight to increase your DPS and reduce damage you take.

Valeri Prime, a construct, is a rare spawn in the far left of this room.

  • Halls of Knowledge: Single-pull the drakes around the room. The Painstalker Broodmother is a tank and spank. She flies up, has a knockback, drops poison gas and has a breath weapon. The breathe weapon effect should be clearable.

There will sometimes be a Treasure Chest in this room.

  • Halls of Command is the hallways connecting the Great Hall to the Throne of the Rune King. There will sometimes be a Treasure Chest in one of the side halls.

  • Throne of the Rune King: Clear the golems along the walls, then go back to the entrance and clear up the middle. Notice the Rune Vessels sparkling around the room by the pillars. One player needs to click any of the Vessels throughout this fight. The three mobs kneeling before the King can sometimes be pulled without exciting the King, but often not. The tank will need to upset both Rune King Molinar and Prince Dollin. After the King is defeated he will become immune and return to his starting position. Defeat the Prince to finish and see a cutscene involving Rune King Molinar and the demoness, Estrode.

There will sometimes be a Treasure Chest in one of the corners of this room.

After the fight, and the cutscene with Borrin, step through the portal to return to the Entry Hall and talk to Captain Haghen to complete the quest and get your treasure chest.

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