Rum Cellar  

Rum Cellar Campaign
April 28, 2015

Rum Cellar is the first campaign (DLC) for EverQuest II. It requires the Altar of Malice expansion and grants access to the level 100 Far Seas Distillery instances.

Rum Cellar is available as a stand-alone purchase for $14.99. And, since this new distillery-themed environment is full of Level 100+ content is connected to Altar of Malice (EQ2’s most recent expansion, which is required to play the Rum Cellar campaign), we've also bundled the campaign with the expansion so you can purchase both together: $49.99 for Rum Cellar + Altar of Malice, or $94.99 for Rum Cellar + Altar of Malice Collector’s Edition.

  • 2 Solo Zones (1 Solo and 1 Advanced Solo)
  • 3 Heroic Zones (1 Heroic, 1 Event Heroic, 1 Event Heroic-Challenge)
  • Raid Zone with 10 Bosses
  • Lots of Loot, including drops of a Rare Elite Mercenary and a Zeppelin Mount
  • New Achievements and Titles
  • New Gems for Armor
  • New Collections
  • Merchant who accepts Far Sea Ferrin (who also sells a Zeppelin Mount!)


Access the zones at 802, 9, -401 on the Far Seas Distillery docks in Phantom Sea. You can get to the docks quickly via world bell.

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Groo at 797, 9, -376 on the distillery docks in Phantom Sea

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When you unlock then, you can purchase rewards from Scruffy T. near the world bell on the distillery docks.

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