Sanctum (Aion Quest Series)  

Aion: The Elyos Quest Series
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Quest Series
Starting ZoneSanctum
Rec. Levels9 to 50
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Quest Series

For Campaign Quests in this zone, see the Elyos Campaign Quest Series.

starts with Fuschia

  1. Krallic Language Potion (10)

starts with Marmeia

  1. Marmeia's Krall Research (14)
  2. Ulaguru Speaks (10)
  3. Familiar Food (16)

starts with Hygea

  1. Guide of Life (17)
  2. Meaning of Life (17) - from Thrasymedes <Priest Master>

starts with Flora <Marvelous Fortuneteller>

  1. Flora's First Charm (35, min. 35)
  2. Flora's Second Charm (40, min. 40)
  3. Flora's Third Charm (45, min. 45)

Secret Library

New Master

At level 25 your Master will offer you your final books that he can sell, and send you to his master for further training.

Outer Docks

Preceptor's Tasks

At Level 34 your Class Master will give you a task. The task is basically the same for all eight Classes so we are going to treat it as a single quest.

Fake Stigma Stones

Starts with Dionera in Eltnen at level 35.

  1. Fake Stigma (37)
  2. Black Cloud Fakery (37)
  3. [Spy] Going Out of Business (39)

The Dragon Sword

This quest series will require an entire legion's help to finish. The total Kinah needed to finish for one player is 10,800,000 Kinah ! The final reward is one of four Level 48 Fabled weapons.

  1. [Group] To Catch a Dragon (35, min. 35) - from Anusis
  2. [Group] Destruction and Rebirth (45, min. 40)
  3. [Group] Fire and Ice (45, min. 45)
  4. [Group] To Master the Dragon (47, min. 45)

Steel Rake

Minimum Level: 40

These quests all involve the Shulack Pirate ship, The Steel Rake. This is an instanced zone, reached by talking to a Shugo, Hikarunerk, on the southern arm of the Outer Dock.

The quest, Suspicious Shugo, from Graa at New Heiron Gate, is considered to be the Access Quest for this zone, but it is really an optional introduction and can be bypassed.

Peperinrinerk <Black Cloud Envoy>

  1. The Manduri Imperative (41, min 40)
  2. Shameless Peperinrinerk (41)

Koruchinerk <Black Cloud Envoy>

starts with Mikurunrunerk <Black Cloud Envoy>

  1. [Group] Rescue Haorunerk! (44, min. 43)
  2. [Group] Against the Steel Rake (44)
  3. [Group] Plunder the Pirates (44, Repeatable 0/30) - unlocked by completing Bring Back the Booty

Kuruminerk <Black Cloud Envoy Leader>


  1. Leah's Loneliness (10)
  2. Pampered Pets (10)
  3. The Pleasure of Pets (10)

Xenophon Weapon

starts with Xenophon <Military Expert>

  1. A Disturbing Report (42, min. 41)
  2. [Group] RM-78c (43)
  3. Tissue? I Don't Even Know You!
  4. What Nerison Saw (43)
  5. [Spy/Group] A Suspicious Box (44)
  6. [Spy/Group] Suspicious Scientists (44)
  7. [Spy/Group] The Key is the Key (44)
  8. [Spy/Group] The Research Journal (44)
  9. A Lepharist Monstrosity (44)
  10. [Group] RM-114c (44)

Advanced Stigma

  1. Price of Goodwill (41, min 40) - from Roikinerk
  2. [Group] Secret of the Shattered Stigma - from Miriya <Stigma Master>
  3. [Group] How to Use Stigma
  4. A Secret Summons
  5. [Group] Door Into Darkness (PW/AA)
  6. [Group] Stop the Shulacks! (PW/AA)


The following quests all start in Sanctum but involve adventures in Balaurea.

  1. The Delivery (45)
  2. The Shugo and the Shulack (45)


Charlie Quests

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