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ClassesFighter, Priest
ProfessionsCarpenter, Sage, Weaponsmith
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For Sarnak as a monster race, see Di'Zok

Voices will carry the inspiring songs of our victories for generations! For Gorowyn! --Archlord Gor`sok

Bred and magically altered to be the fiercest military, the Sarnak of Gorowyn can be practical and approachable, but when placed in a combat situation, they are unflinchingly dedicated and vicious.[1]

The Sarnak were introduced with the Rise of Kunark expansion.

Originally created by the Iksar emperor, Atrebe Sathir[2], by a magical cross-breeding of Iksar and Dragon, as soldiers. With Atrebe's fall the Sarnak went feral and spread into the wild. These are the Di'Zok. The Di'Zok founded Chardok and other outposts, and have fought on and off with all of the other inhabitants of Kunark.

When Venril Sathir rose to power the Di'Zok, fearing for their extinction, recreated Atrebe's laboratory in Chardok and began experimenting on themselves to create a super-sarnak soldier. They succeeded but these new Sarnak were too hard to control. They tried to rise up and the Di'Zok destroyed them all. For their next try, they moved the labs to a volcano on an island in the Timorous Deep. Here, under the watchful eye of the Gorowyn Brigade (so named for the island they were stationed on) they tried again. Once more, the new Sarnak rebelled and were destroyed. The Gorowyn Brigade returned to Chardok but retained the name, and the volcano laboratory was abandoned.[3]

Approximately 50 years ago, the Spiroc found the lab on Gorowyn Isle and, like the Di'Zok before them, tried to use the notes and equipment there to create a slave-race of soldiers for their battles against the Dragons and Droag. These new Sarnak are tougher, stronger, and more resistant to disease than the previous breed[4], and were no more willing to be enslaved this time than the last two. Led by a Sarnak who took the island name as his own, they overthrew their would-be masters.[5] The new Gorowish Sarnaks expanded the volcano laboratory and founded City of Gorowyn.

Now, they face attack and extinction on two fronts; on one side, the Haoaeran Spiroc who wanted to enslave them are not really willing to live beside them as good neighbors, and on the other hand The Ring of Scale and their Dracurion Droag allies, for whatever reason, hunt them continuously.

an anchoring tank, as seen in The Grand Athenaeum in Gorowyn.
The Sarnak have other challenges to overcome as well. At birth, all new-born Sarnak must be placed in one of the anchoring tanks, which were discovered at the site of their rebirth, or they will die.[6] These tanks protect, feed and teach the younglings until maturity when they emerge ready to fulfill their roles in Sarnak society.

Innate Abilities

  • Hydromotion - A self buff that lasts until canceled, this grants the Sarnak the ability to walk and jump under water.
  • Extended Jump - Perhaps due to the hollow bones inherited from their draconic ancestors, and despite their large size, Sarnak can jump a great distance, appearing almost to glide for a time (up to 3 seconds) like a Fae or Arasai, but after this brief levitation, they will fall like the flightless dragonkind they are.

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