Shadowed Man (EQ2 Mob Race)  

Shadowed Man
Type Planar
Language Words of Shade
L&L Quest Lore and Legend: Shadowed Man
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Little is known of the Shadowed Men. Highly intelligent, extremely organized, and very secretive, they communicate with one another without a discernible form of speech, perhaps using telepathy. Those rare souls who survive meeting them say their voices crackle with electrical energy. In the past they appeared to have no visible bodies, but their swirling forms now flow with a power drawn from some distant realm. They are often seen accompanied by Nightbloods and Lamias, void beasts and other chaos beings, but are just as often seen with perfectly natural creatures. Whether these companions are allies or slaves is unknown.

It appears that Shadowed Men cannot fully enter this Plane in their true form, but must take a material host to interact physically. It would seem that they can more easily manifest in the vicinity of their Towers (the Tower of Vul and the Tower of Zet), which may serve as anchors in our world. The Remembrances series of books tell many stories of what happens to a world when these towers appear there.

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Known Habitats

While they have been seen in many places in the wild places of Norrath, they have towers that seem to anchor their plane in the material plane:


It has been noted by scholars that the names of their towers are from the Druzaic language, but no one knows what connection exists between them and The Weave, if any.

Some scholars believe that the Shadowed Men are Planar beings from the Plane of Chaos.

The Truth Revealed

The truth, as usual, is more bizarre than any of the theories. The Shadowed Men are the native inhabitants of The Void, also known as Oblivion or Ethernere. When Anashti Sul was banished to The Void, the Shadowed Men found something new to their experience... a goddess. They call her "The Desolate One" and everything that they have done since has been to fulfill her desire to return to Norrath.

The Void is unlike any other component of the cosmos. It has no fixed relationship to the other planes and is not, in truth a plane but more like the place that exists where planes do not. Points of contact between The Void and the other planes are slippery, constantly in motion, and so to accomplish The Desolate One's desire to return to Norrath, the Shadowed Men invented the towers. These towers, or anchors, are like pins stuck in the fabric of the multiverse at the moment of intersection, holding The Void and the target other dimension in relative stasis so that travel is possible between them.

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