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This article contains Shaman-specific macros that players have found useful.

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Young Shaman Macros

A simple thing that many guides do not tell you is that when you put in spells to be cast in sequence you have to keep hitting the macro key for the next spell to happen. Also, given the 'gobal' cooldowns for even instant casting spells it is good to put a command in the macro that allows that to happen. I have a young Shaman that uses a macro for melee's and it allows her to cast two totems of the same element but with enough delay between them so that the benefits of both are used. This macro fires off the first totem to start doing damage to the enemy and also starts the Shaman attacking. Hit the key immediately again and the protection of the Stoneskin Totem arrives, hit it again and the damaging Searing Totem goes to work, and if you hit it once more Earth Shock hits the bad guy. The Fire Nova Totem is gone by the time the Searing Totem comes up so there is no waste there. Just in case the bad guy gets friends to help out you could add a Healing Wave as the next spell to make sure you stay alive long enough to win the fight. The basic macro goes like this...

/castsequence reset=6 Fire Nova Totem, Stoneskin Totem, Searing Totem, Earth Shock

Easy Twisting

/castsequence Stormstrike, Windfury Totem, Grace of Air

A simple macro, this trivializes Totem Twisting for you based off the Stormstrike cooldown (i.e. 10s). Not quite as effective as Twisting manually (lose .5s off Windfury every 10s, plus if you are out of range of the target it will go to hell quickly) but considerably easier for untrained people to use than manual twists and good introduction to the theory.

Quick Shock

/cast Earth Shock

A simple macro to stop casting a spell and Earth Shock your current target. Very useful for interrupts, and it can be easily modified to cover a variety of situations - or to Earth Shock your focus target.

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