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This article is a compilation of macros that players have found useful, as well as a source of potential inspiration for your own macros. For more information on how to create macros, see macro.

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General Macros

Random Mount

/castrandom [flyable, nobutton:2, nomodifier:shift] Tawny Windrider; Green Windrider
/castrandom Black War Kodo, Black War Raptor, Red Skeletal Warhorse

This macro will select a random mount from a list of eligible mounts in your bag; if you are in a place where you can use a Flying Mount, by default it will use one of those unless you override the macro by either using the right-mouse button or pressing Shift as you activate the macro.

Flying mount in Outlands, Land mount in Azeroth

/cast [flyable] Swift Purple Gryphon
/cast [noflyable] Black War Elekk

This macro will select your flying mount when in location where flying is available, and your ground mount where flying is not available. If you are mounted, the macro will dismount you. Substitute your own mount names for the ones presented here.


/use [target=player] Heavy Netherweave Bandage
A simple macro that will force you to bandage yourself and only yourself; useful if you constantly forget to detarget people before trying to bandage yourself, like I often do.

Shoot or Throw

/cast [equipped:Thrown] Throw; Shoot
Another simple macro, this one will automaticially select either "Throw" or "Shoot" based on your currently equipped ranged weapon. Useful if you use different kinds of items in different sets of gear, such as a tanking throwing weapon and a DPS bow.

Lucky Charms

/script SetRaidTarget("target",8)
This script will (assuming you are promoted or the leader of the party) mark your current target with a Skull. Can be combined with other macros, such as every time you taunt marking the Taunted mob with a Skull as the DPS target.

Assist the Tank

/focus [modifier:shift]
/assist [target=focus]
This macro will let you assign someone to assist by targeting them and holding the Shift button as you hit the macro, and from then on whenever you use the macro you will target their target.

Archetypal Macros

These are macros that are easily modified for a wide variety of uses - archetypes, that are all essentially the same save the specific spell names.

Simple CC

/cast [target=focus,exists,nodead,nomodifier:shift] Spell
/stopmacro [target=focus,exists,nodead,nomodifier:shift]
This macro will allow you to set a target as the focus for an ability (most typicially a CC ability, although Counterspell-style interrupts also work very well) then cast it upon them whenever you hit the button, no matter who your current target is. Hitting the Shift button will also force a Focus shift to your current target (can be modified to either ctrl or alt if you so choose, or even replace it with button:2 to refocus on a right-click).

Nifty Buff

#show Reagent
/cast [target=mouseover,help,nomodifier:shift] Single Buff; [target=mouseover,help] Group Buff; [help,nomodifier:shift] Single Buff; [help] Group Buff
This macro aims to make group buffing considerably easier without resorting to a mod. By default it will use single-buff your mouseover target, and group-buff your mouseover target if shift is held down. If your mouseover target is ineligible, it will do the same for your actual target (with the same caveats). Additionally, it will display the number of group-buff reagents you have left in your bag if applicable.

Mouseover Casting

/cast [target=mouseover, nodead, help] Spell; [target=nodead, help] Spell
This macro is best used in conjunction with a set of raid frames, and allows you to have a much easier time healing, decursing or buffing your raid or party members. It will cast whatever spell you select on your mouseover target, if they're alive and not hostile to you, and if that is ineligible it will attempt to cast it on your actual target. Extremely useful in raids.

Stopcasting Macro

/cast Spell
This is a very useful macro for healers and magic DPS. It will stop your current spell, and if outside of the global cooldown when you hit it will start casting the selected spell. Very useful as an emergency for a quick-heal spell, or for DPS classes to use an ability that gets them out of a jam (like Blink.

Button Consolidation

/cast [modifier:shift] Spell; [modifier:ctr] Spell; [modifier:alt] Spell; Spell
A simple technique used to consolidate several abilities into one button. It will cast a different ability depending upon which modifiers are used with it - the modifiers can also be replaced with buttons (i.e. button:2, which will trigger off a right mouse-click only).

Class-specific Macros

Macros that are specifically used for one class or another, although many of the techniques here can be applied to other classes.


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