Shipwrecked (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneNone
Rec. Levels5 to 100
EverQuest II
Quest Series

Released with (but not part of ) Altar of Malice. This series is intended for new players/characters. The quests are spaced out through their whole career leveling up. One mail message will be received every 10 levels. Level 100 tradeskillers will be able to do the entire questline all at once, as long as they zone between each quest to receive the mail needed for the next part.

If you are awaiting mail from Raffik, you can go to the Village of Shin and talk with Jerol of the Norrathian Express to see about its delivery status.

Roughly an hour after you complete On A Boat, Raffik will reappear near his boat as a hireable Fury mercenary.

ZAM would like to thank GrandmomCopperknoll and zaradann for much of the information in this series.

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