eq2 quest:Encompassing Goal  

EverQuest II
[40] Encompassing Goal (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To Start: Receive a letter from Raffik


If you are awaiting mail from Raffik, you can go to the Village of Shin and talk with Jerol of the Norrathian Express to see about its delivery status.

When you achieve crafting level 40 you will receive a mail from Raffik.

  1. Find Raffik in Steamfont Mountains near Klak'anon.
    • If you take the Travel Disk to Klak'Anon, it drops you right beside him ( -624, 90, 1217 )
  2. Speak to Ginnie Hebblethwaite at Explosive Discoveries in Gnomeland Security Headquarters.
    • If you can't fly, take the travel disk.
  3. Craft the Clockwork Salvager Stun at a workbench. You will need:
  4. Return to the spot where Raffik is and use the Cloclwork Salvager Stunner to stun a Clockwork Salvager and take its compass.
  5. Speak to Raffik.

You will receive the next quest in the mail at level 50.

Adorning the Pirate Shipwrecked
Quest Series
Halasians for Hire
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