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Acquiring Your Original Souls

Players choose an Ascended Soul from one of the four callings (Warrior, Cleric, Mage, and Rogue) at character creation. These initial souls, which grow in power as they become more specialized, are flexible and have well-rounded abilities that make them great for both solo and group experiences. Players can later choose to augment, or even replace, embraced souls with other souls from within their calling. The process of enabling souls that players discover in their adventures is called Soul Attunement. Players will also gain more specialized "Heroic Souls" that open up a number of new and exciting gameplay experiences, offering special achievements and rewards for players who discover them all. For more in-depth info on Souls, visit our Callings page!

There will be eight souls to choose from at first, as the ninth is earned through PVP. The quests to receive your first three souls are listed via faction below.


  • 1st Soul - When you enter the game, you have the quest giver standing right in front of you. They offer you the quest Born Again and advise you to speak with the Soul Informers to learn about the choices you have for your calling. Find and speak to each of these for a short description of what each soul can do. Once you have made your choice, find and speak with Sylver Valis (he is close by) and choose your first soul!


  • 1st Soul - Standing in front of you is the Messenger of the Vigil. She offers you the quest Chosen. Around the Sanctuary of Rebirth can be found different souls that will give you brief descriptions of what each soul does for your specific calling. The second Messenger of the Vigil is located at the exit of the building (downstairs) and is where you hand in the quest to choose your first soul.

  • 3rd Soul - Cyril Kalmar offers you The Pariah to destroy Orphiel's Corrupter. Once completed, speak to the Messenger of the Vigil to complete the quest and choose your 3rd soul.

Obtaining More Souls

Once you are level 13 you will have the option to pick up souls that you did not choose in the beginning. As of Patch 1.4, Soul Quests are no longer available. You may simply go to a Calling trainer and request training for 20 0  per soul. If you currently have a Soul Quest, you can still complete it normally.

Any of the eight PvE souls can also be purchased from the trainers in the novice zones. However, since there is no mailbox in the novice zones you cannot mail coin to your new character from another so a lot of grinding would be required to make that much gold. The novice class trainers do not require level 13 to buy these souls.

Soul Points

As your character levels up you will gain soul points. In your Soul Tree (default key: N) you can spend these points to improve skills in your souls. More skills will be unlocked in a soul as you continue to invest more soul points into it. In general, you cannot spend more points than your current level in any one soul.

Use our Soul Tree Calculator to check out possible builds you might be interested in!


One of the options when visiting your class trainer is to purchase an additional Role. Each character can have up to five roles. Every extra role you unlock is increasingly more expensive, ranging from 30 0  to 100 0 0 .

Your first three souls make up your first role. When you unlock your second role, you can use any three souls that you have obtained to set up a new playstyle for your character. Clicking on the role you wish to use and choose to activate it, wait the short cast time, then you're ready to go.

For example, a Rogue could set up a pure DPS role, a support role, a solo play role, a tanking role and a ranged attack role, using a myriad of different souls across the 5 roles possible to unlock.

Resetting Your Souls

A soul reset will completely wipe every soul point spent in skills and give you a fresh start in a role. If a soul is at 0 points spent it can be swapped to another soul, but once a single point is spent in its tree, you must reset to change it out. Speak to your class trainer and pay the required amount to acquire a soul reset.

Here are some popular Builds that players have rated as popular for the several types of builds possible in-game

Old Soul Quests

Before Patch 1.4 you had to quest for additional souls. These are the old soul quests. If you have any of these active, they will auto-complete.


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