Steamfont Mountains (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Steamfont Mountains
Quest Series
Starting ZoneSteamfont Mountains
Rec. Levels36 to 49
Previous Feerrott
Enchanted Lands
Next Everfrost
Lesser Fay
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

Primary Series

Watchman Plarg - at crossroads due east of Greater Faydark zoneline near Mazkeen Lookout.

Watchman Fleep - up the climbable wall right outside the Gnomeland Security HQ

Plinka Fiddle - in a building in Gnomeland Security HQ at -535,175,989

Eegar Friggderp - Directly across from Plinka Fiddle

Klipp Plaxiphone - Next to Bloomhedge Provisions in Gnomeland Security HQ

Other Questlines

Mayor's Tasks

Waynil Garwater at the Garwater Regency in Gnomeland Security HQ at -562,174,919

  1. Dog Day Reconnaissance (35)
  2. Biting Back At Those That Bark (38)
  3. Steam-Powered Spies (40)
  4. A Clockwork Snoop (42)

Alchemical Studies

Hodgemottin - at loc -526, 178, 1063 in a building in Gnomeland Security HQ

  1. Vitriolic Components (36)
  2. Caustic Action (37)

Around the Clockwork

Clockwork CXXV

  1. Scrapping the Scrapper (46)
  2. Clockwork Despair (47 Heroic)

Frosted Cakes!

Oglethorpe - found in the south end of Minotaur area

  1. Out of Sight (45)
  2. Mouthing Off (45)
  3. Out of Mind (46)
  4. Out of Control! (46)

Black Boxes

starts by examining a Little Black Box dropped by collection prognosticators

  1. The Little Black Box (42)
  2. Black Box Mechanimation (42)

Other Solo Quests

Heroic Quests

GU55 Quests

Collection Quests

EverQuest II

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