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This is a two-step process. The first, this template, does some data normalization tasks, then calls the second template, Aion Mob2. This should improve speed by removing redundant normalizations in the display template.


{{Aion Mob

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This is simply the text under his name and is not linked to anything.
This is the SINGLE Mob Type that will be used to display the icon.
(commalist) Can be any of the values seen in Category:Mob Types. Default is Category:Monster. This is here becasue some mobs are more than a single type, such as Quest NPC and Merchant.
tier and partysize
There are 4 possible values for partysize: Normal (or blank), Elite, Hero and Legendary, indicating the size of the party that is required to handle this mob. Within each of these, the mob can have 1 to 6 lights on his toughness indicator. This is the tier. Originally, I had 3 partysize ratings: Solo, Group and Raid. These still work, but have been translated to Normal, Elite and Hero, respectively.
Some monsters will be of a specific class. This means that they will have some or all of the abilities that a player of that class would have. IF type=Merchant, then class is a commalist of Merchant Types (See Category:Merchant (Aion Mob Type).
If not blank, an Artisan tag will display to the right. This should be used for NPCs such as Crafting Supply Merchants. Note that Experts and Masters will already have type=Trainer which also triggers the Artisan tag so don't use both unless you want to make 2 tags!
minlevel, maxlevel
Kind of self-explanatory. NPCs and Named mobs will use only minlevel.
DEPRECATED, but it still works as a lone value.
xp151min, xp151max
DEPRECATED. XP varies depending on too many factors so we have removed it. yellow gremlin's database reports XP and gives a table so you can see what your XP should be for your level vs. the given mob.
DEPRECATED, but it still works as a lone value.
apmin, apmax
Mobs in the Abyss zones may award just XP, just AP, or both. How many Abyss Points are awarded when this mob is killed? This MAY vary according to your level relative to the mob's level. The min and max values should be set to the lowest and highest values observed. If you have only one value, use min and leave max blank.
Links to a subcategory of Category:Races and, along with gender, controls the default image displayed if no specific image is attached to the mob page.
(Optional) If faction is blank and race is not, race is used to set faction. Links to a subcategory of Category:Factions
{commalist)List of factions this mob is non-aggressive with.
(switch) Any value in this field will mark this mob as Non-Aggressive to all. Default is Aggressive (unless you are the same faction as he is).
(switch) All mobs are assumed to be Social (meaning they will aggro if you anger a mob that is near them). This is sometimes restricted by faction, and sometimes a Boss will not come to the aid of an underling, but the underling will come to the aid of the Boss. Be careful, it's a jungle out there.
(switch, DEPRECATED) Many of the mobs in this game have these words in the mouseover examine window. We really have yet to see what it really means.
(switch) It seems that every mob over about level 12 has this flag. Therefore, I am reversing the logic. If nopreemptiveattack, do not display. else, if the mob is under 12 and has preemptiveattack or if it is 12 or over and does NOT have nopreemptiveattack, then display the flag.
nopathfind= |(switch) If non-blank this NPC cannot be located with /pathfinding or /where. If X, suppress any message (useful only for things like Object mobs, sometimes) pathfindtext=
In some very rare instances the name of the mob page here in the wiki is not exactly the text you need to type to find the NPC in-game. Of that is the case, put the correct text here.
(commalist) List of the names of any special attacks this mob uses. Eventually I will tie this into an explanation of the effects of standard mob special attacks. Just list the names of the attacks, like Peck Face.
If no specific image is attached to the mob page, and if the Race page (under Category:Races) has 2 or more images, this controls which one is displayed.
zones=, places=
(comma list) Self-explanatory. Note that these 2 fields were originally singular. The singular form is still recognized IF the plural form is undefined, but the singular is deprecated.
dayonly=, nightonly=, times=
Only one of the 3 may be used. Default is "always up", or if oyu want to think of it this way, "this mob has no specific clock-bound triggers".
location and loc
location is an optional description of exactly where the mob is found, such as "In a chair under the tent", while loc is the comma-separated x, y and z coordinates, in the form "x,y,z". This can be obtained in-game with the /loc command. If loc is not blank a memo pad code link will be displayed under the template that can by copied and pasted into chat or the Memo Pad to create a clickable map link.
nopathfind= and '''pathfindtext=
The template will display a line showing the user how to use /where in-game to find this mob. Some mobs cannot be found using the /pathfinding or /where commands and any value in nopathfind= will tell the user that thios mob cannot be "found". Also, some very few mobs use a slightly different text for the /where command than the full mob name, so if this is one of those put the text they have to use in pathfindtext=.
(comma list) Starts Quests.
(comma list) Related Quests.
(comma list) Related Missions.
drops=, dropsquality=
(DEPRECATED,comma list) Known Drops. These 2 fields have been replace by the 5 drop by quality fields, below. Please see Category:Mobs using drops for a list of pages that need to be edited!
uniquedrops=, legendarydrops=, raredrops=, commondrops=, substandarddrops=
(comma list) I have replaced the double-list of drops= and dropsquality= with these 5 single lists. This has the advantage of automatically grouping the drops by quality, best down to worst.


The background "key" image is based on partysize, and all three are attached to this template page. Default is Solo.

tier= is the number of lighted dots in the icon to the left of the mob name when you target it. The Mob Toughness, or tier, icons are at:

Each type of NPC has their own icon. These can be found under Category:Mob Icons.

Aion: Core Templates Quest Mob / Mob2 Item Place / Place 2 Object/Object 2 Zone
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