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I have done everything I can humanly do to make this Wikibase as auto-magic as possible. The first template you should acquaint yourself with is definitely Aion. By placing {{Aion}} on a page you are adding it to Category:Aion, but it can do so much more! For cross-reference categories, such as Category:Altgard Fortress (Aion Mobs by Place), we have a code for each one we use that knows what categories to add it to so that the fabric of this wiki practically weaves itself. For instance, the category page I just mentioned would use {{Aion|MP|Altgard}} (all By Place codes use the zone as the second parameter). This would make Category:Altgard Fortress (Aion Mobs by Place) a subcategory of Category:Mobs by Place (Aion) and display some text explaining that this place is within Altgard (Aion Zone). A full list of all the codes available is on the Aion page.

Below you will find a list of all the major templates Bludwyng has created specifically for the Aion wikibase, but these are not the only ones. See Category:Templates (Aion) for the complete list. Also, many Global Templates exist that are useful for all gamebases. See Category:Global Templates and the Global Template Users Guide.

  • Aion - This template belongs on every page in the Aion gamespace, either added by one of the main templates, or manually added directly.

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Linkers can make it easier to add special things above and beyond just the link. For instance, colorization of item links is accomplished by AionItem, which also checks to see if we have the item defined and, if we don't, adds (PW/AA) links to PowerWiki and AionArmory.

There is a downside to using linkers... they should not be used to build large tables. Doing this can very quickly result in a page that exceeds the maximum number of templates allowed on a page. It would also make the page very slow to compile and to load. So, use them sparingly. Really, the only linker you should really need to use is AionItem.

In general, all Linker templates have the same first two parameters: The page name and the alternate or display text for the link. So {{AionItem|Lepharist Insignia|Insignias}} would link to Lepharist Insignia but on the page the link would display thus: Insignias

After the page name and alternate name they differ widely, depending on what they need to do for us.

  • AionItem - Links to an Item page, colorizes the link, and adds links to other resources if we don't have it.
  • AionItemSet - Links to an Item Set page, colorizes the link, and adds links to other resources if we don't have it.
  • AionFaction - Links to a Faction category page
  • AionRace - Links to a Race category page
  • AionMob - Links to a Mob page
  • AionQuest - Links to a Quest page

Main Templates

To use a main template, just copy the Usage skeleton from the template page, then paste it into the page you want to create and fill in the fields.


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