The Flames of the Dragon Forge (Rift Encounter)  

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This is the Crafting Rift for Weaponsmith, opened with Rift Lure - Weaponsmith.

Stage One

The Flames of the Dragon Forge

Stage Two

The Dragon Forge Five

  • Kill the 5 guards of the Dragon Forge

Stage Three

Timed: :60

  • Something about Risen guards. You kill the mobs you see and a few moments later they respawn as spectres, then you kill the spectres.

Stage Four - Bonus

Still Burning Strong
Timed: 1:30

Stage Five - Bonus

Overloading the Dragon Forge
Timed: :60

  • Collect and return 8 planar energy to the Dragon Forge

Stage Six - Bonus

Conscript of Maelforge

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