Weaponsmith (Rift Profession)  

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Weaponsmiths craft weapons from metal and wood. Mining and Foraging are recommended Gathering professions for Weaponsmiths, although some recipes will need leather. Weaponsmiths get the Salvage Weapons skill, allowing them to break weapons down into materials, some of which cannot be obtained any other way and are used to make Enhancements.


Trainers carry skill training and recipes from novice up to their own level.

SkillDefiant GuardianNeutral
NoviceLilthren Tam
King's Retreat, Freemarch
Andrew Gerwin
Argent Glade, Silverwood
SkilledFarley Burdos
Granite Falls, Stonefield
Expert Bracket
Three Springs, Moonshade Highlands
Carmen Bowie
Lantern Hook, Droughtlands
MasterCalla Rodia
The Manufactory, Meridian
Myra Borne
Bahralt Street, Sanctum
Geld the Blade
Thedeor's Forge, The Chancel of Labors, Iron Pine Peak
Fortune's Shore, Shimmersand
Grandmaster Dublita Stalo
Tuldio Retreat, Kingdom of Pelladane
Autuno Akran
Tulan, Cape Jule
Brava Batalanto
The Canals, Tempest Bay
RecipesEulalia Althar
The Manufactory, Meridian
Bahralt Street, Sanctum
Trancilo Ventolilo
Tuldio Retreat, Kingdom of Pelladane
Onklo Dimanco
Tulan, Cape Jule
Markis Blokon
The Canals, Tempest Bay



The level of the Workorder will be whatever your level was at the time you received the quest.


Ally Faction Recipes

The following recipes require a certain zone ally faction to purchase and the required materials will include a Core from the same zone.

RecipeSkill Req'dZoneFactionNotorietyCore
Quicksilver Bow50FreemarchFreemarch WardensFriendlyEnchanted Core
Hunting Bow50SilverwoodQuicksilver ScholarsFriendlyEvergreen Core
Warden's Dagger60FreemarchFreemarch WardensFriendlyEvergreen Core
Scholar's Dagger60SilverwoodQuicksilver ScholarsDecoratedEnchanted Core
Fallsdweller Axe90StonefieldGranite FallsFriendlyStone Core
Stonecleaver90StonefieldGranite FallsFriendlyStone Core
Stonewarden Hunting Bow90StonefieldGranite FallsHonoredStone Core
Blackwood Chopper90GloamwoodGloamwood WaykeepersFriendlyShadow Core
Waykeeper's Axe90GloamwoodGloamwood WaykeepersFriendlyShadow Core
Bloodmoon Sniper90GloamwoodGloamwood WaykeepersHonoredShadow Core
Stoneslasher100StonefieldGranite FallsHonoredStone Core
Steeltouched Longsword100StonefieldGranite FallsFriendlySparkling Powder and Stone Core
Wayward Longsword100GloamwoodGloamwood WaykeepersFriendlySparkling Powder and Shadow Core
Banishing Blade100GloamwoodGloamwood WaykeepersHonoredShadow Core
Logger's Axe120Scarwood ReachRed Scar TrackersFriendlyGnarled Core
Logger's Axe120Scarwood ReachIron Claw TrappersFriendlyGnarled Core
Spellhunter Cudgel120Scarwood ReachRed Scar TrackersFriendlyGnarled Core
Spellhunter Cudgel120Scarwood ReachIron Claw TrappersFriendlyGnarled Core
Runeguard Blunderbuss180Moonshade HighlandsThe RuneguardFriendlyGlowing Core
Spellsmasher300Iron Pine PeakIcewatchHonoredFrozen Core
Shadepiercer300ShimmersandDragonslayer CovenantHonoredShimmering Core
Scalecutter300ShimmersandDragonslayer CovenantHonoredBrightshale and Shimmering Core
Carmintium Spellcutter300StillmoorOrder of MathosHonoredDark Pith
Sword of the Order300StillmoorOrder of MathosHonoredDark Pith and Dead Core
Tempered Orichalcum Mace300Ember IsleKelari ExpeditionHonored
Tempered Orichalcum Mace300Ember IsleThe FarclanHonored
Enchanted Shadethorn Bow300Ember IsleThe KeepersHonored

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