Tradeskill Tutorials (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Tradeskill Tutorials
Quest Series
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

These quests are a training tutorial in Tradeskilling. The rewards include most of the starting books along the way, a harvesting bag, and some nice gear to wear while crafting. It also gets you through the first nine levels of crating very quickly, and gives you an idea of what the nine tradeskill professions create.

With Game Update 43 you no longer receive a note to start this quest series.

During this series you will receive the recipe books artisan essentials volumes 2-7, enough coin to purchase the non-harvested supplies you'll need, as well as the Artisan's Tunic. The harvesting tutorial will reward you with a Disassembled Storage Box.


  1. Tutorial: Learning to Harvest
  2. If I Had A Hammer
  3. Tutorial: Forging Ahead
  4. Tutorial: Countering Problems
  5. Tutorial: Learning to Cook
  6. Tutorial: The Art of Weapons
  7. Tutorial: Scribing Scrolls
  8. Tutorial: Alchemical Experiments
  9. Tutorial: Essential Outfitting

Shopping Lists

Here's your harvesting/shopping list for the whole Tradeskill Tutorial Series.

  • Harvested Items
1 jumjum
5 lead clusters
2 leaded loam
5 rawhide leather pelts
6 roots
3 rough malachite
5 severed elms
10 tin clusters

  • Purchased Items - the quest series will pay you enough to afford to buy these along the way
1 aerated mineral water
1 basic candle
2 basic coal (two additional coal are needed, but are provided by the quest giver)
1 basic filament
1 basic incense
1 basic kindling
1 basic sandpaper

After the Tutorials

After you complete this series you can speak to your tutor about tradeskill related topics like:

  • Topics already covered in the tutorials
  • Commission Crafting
  • Recipe Books
  • Crafting Classes
  • Choosing your Crafting Profession
  • Selling Your Goods
  • Tinkering and Transmuting

Choosing a Profession

For a full list of tradeskill professions see the Crafting Classes guide.

To choose your tradeskill professions, hail your local Crafting Trainer at levels 9 and 19.

More Quests

There are Tradeskill quests to take you up to level 90. See: Tradeskill Quests

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