Wood Elf (EQ2 Character Race)  

Racial Information
Wood Elf
Starting Cities
New Halas
Starting Attributes
ClassesScout, Priest
ProfessionsTailor, Jeweler, Woodworker
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Racial Traditions

Wood Elf: The Forest Folk

  • Racial Homeland: The Faydark
  • Mythical Creator: Tunare
  • Traditional Roles: Scout, Priest

With such agility and deep passionate devotion to the forests, wood elves make excellent scouts and warriors despite their size.

Wood elves share the same common traits as all elves - thin builds, alluring faces and pointed ears. Their skin is tanned and subtly glittering. The wood elves have more physically defined bodies than the other greater races, resulting from their forest living. Most wood elves wear their hair long. They prefer cloth and hide for clothing, but have been known to don light chain or scale mail of rare metals. They also make a rare type of symbiotic living armor.

Wood elves, or Feir'Dal, are the free-spirited cousins of the high elves. Far more tolerant of the other races than the haughty Koada'Dal, wood elves are pleasant and friendly. They average five feet tall with golden-hued skin, blending naturally into the surroundings of their forest home. The Feir'Dal come from the tree city of Kelethin, a series of platforms and elevators built skyward into the awesome beauty of the Greater Faydark. Wood elves love celebration and song, dedicating their lives to the praise of their creator, Tunare. Their welcoming and accepting nature has lead to close ties to other races, especially humans. This particular closeness has, in turn, sired the vast majority of the half elf race.

Wood elves will always be loyal to Tunare, the Mother of All. They have a longstanding tradition of druidic worship, honoring the primal forces of Nature and Growth. A few Feir'Dal have begun to investigate Shamanism, tying spiritual philosophy into the worship of their goddess.

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