eq2 quest:Fighting Wards  

EverQuest II
Launch Dates
    November 11, 2014 (All Access)
    November 25, 2014 (F2P)

[101] Fighting Wards (Solo)
Category: Phantom Sea
To start: ( 1343, 24, 1197 )

  • At least 1 45 80 

  1. Place one ward on each corner of Dreadkeep. These are on the outside corners and highlighted with sparkles.
  2. Place ward in center and activate.
  3. Bless the ward - left click it ONCE
    • ONLY CLICK ONCE: Each time you click the ward it summons an extra wave of monsters for the next step.
  4. Defeat the four Dreadkeep defenders
  5. Return to Joreye.

Wards of Magic Phantom Sea
Quest Series
Kithicor Forest
Walking the Cursed Path
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