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EverQuest II
Launch Dates
    November 11, 2014 (All Access)
    November 25, 2014 (F2P)

[101] Touch of the Undead (Solo)
Category: Phantom Sea
To start: ( 1268, 23, 1191 )

  1. I am to search Ghorkaal and the immediate region for any signs of vampiric arcana. Once again, my Ghorkaal Teir'Dal illusion will be very useful.
    • Go to Charnel Grove in northeast Ghorkaal for an update ( 727, 49, 851 )
    • With your Ghorkaal Teir'Dal Illusion active, speak to Ritualist D'Rhivirr
    • With your Ghorkaal Teir'Dal Illusion active, speak to Tola R'Vorr
  2. Tola R'Vorr, a Teir'Dal within Charnel Grove, told me of a secret entrance to the Primordial Malice's holy crypt.
    • It is located under Stillwater Bridge, within the forest of Kithicor at 778, 16, 1106
    • Try to defeat the Teir'Dal attackers - there are three of them, two 102vv and one 102v. When you're just about to kill the last one, you'll be teleported back to Wanderer's Dock in "spirit form".
    • Return to Stillwater Bridge and retrieve your body by clicking your corpse.
  3. Return to Waulon Highpebble (turn off the illusion before you talk to him).

Body of Work Phantom Sea
Quest Series
Kithicor Forest
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