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This article contains Paladin-specific macros that players have found useful.

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Easy Taunt

/cast <nowiki>[help] Righteous Defense; [target=targettarget,help] Righteous Defense

This macro gives you much greater flexibility with the Paladin taunt, letting you use it when targeted on a mob rather than having to target the specific player.


/cast [target=mouseover,help,nomodifier:shift] Cleanse; [help,nomodifier:shift] Cleanse; [target=focus,help,nomodifier:shift] Cleanse; [target=targettarget,help,nomodifier:shift] Cleanse; [target=self] Cleanse

This macro will attempt to Cleanse... well, everything really. It will start with your current mouseover target (i.e. in a raid window) if it's friendly, then your current target, then your current friendly focus (assuming it exists), then your target's target if it is friendly (i.e. targetting a boss, cleansing the tank) and finally you,. You can also force it to cleanse yourself by holding down the Shift key. The standard description of how to modify the shift button to another conditional applies here.

Judge with auto-Seal

/cast Judgement
/cast Seal of Righteousness

This macro will Judge any active seal and immediately cast SoR. Useful for some grouping circumstances and grinding.

To add flexibility, you can split up Judgement and Seal casts to 2 macros. The first starts auto-attack and judges. The second uses [modifier] to apply common-use seals.

/cast Judgement


/cast [modifier:alt]Seal of Light; [modifier:shift] Seal of the Crusader; [modifier:ctrl] Seal of Wisdom; Seal of Righteousness


First way:

/cast Seal of Justice /cast Judgement

This requires two clicks, the help comes in the fact you don't need to tap/click different buttons.

An other way, to use a Seal and Judgement in one macro is: Second way:

/castsequence reset=30 Seal of Justice,Judgement

'/castsequence' means: you can use the following spells by using this, but first click is the first spell, second click is the second etc. 'reset=30' means: it resets the macro in 30 seconds (when the Seal of Justice becomes inactive) if you dind't use all the spells in the macro, if you used Seal of Justice and Judgement too it resets also, so you can use your seal again. I think the 'Seal of Justice,Judgement' section is trivial-You can put there many spells in this form: spell1,spell2,spell3,spell4,... If you give this macro a '?' (question mark) icon, it will shows the following spell. (Seal of Justice or Judgement).

The first way of casting Seal of x and Judgement is not easy to use, because if you click it many times and fast, it casts a lot of Seal of X and it burns your mana. (For example: you click the macro every second, but the Judgement's Cooldown is 8 sec, so when you can use the Judgement, you are also used 8 Seal.) -Apology my bad English-

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