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- We know that the major Gods and heroes in Greek myth will make an appearance as NPCs (these inclue Dionysus, Artemis, Apollo, Ares, Zeus---pics of these can be seen in "The original gods picture show" post and "Zeus" post)

-You can worship one of the gods which will bestow you with a certain powerful ability than can be unleashed. When players accumulate enough power, they will be able to use these abilities in one second, which makes combat more stimulating. These skills can also form team-based chain reaction, giving the members special buffs. This will be a very interesting system.

- It seems like if your level gets high enough you can even challenge the gods that you worship

- There are, of course, a lot of neutral and friendly NPCs in the game. These include as many as dozens of well-known heroes from Greek mythology. Players can learn related skills and magic from them. These heroes also serve as elements to help promote the progress of the in-game storyline.

- You can be directly transferred to the NPC you want by choosing him or her on the NPC list.


-There are two kinds of quest modes - storyline quests and assigned quests.

-Storyline Quests:

  • Primary Quest: It tells the story of a Titan Conspiracy; the players of Athens and Sparta will go through two epic stories differently. The two stories have many joints that let players of different factions realize Titan Conspiracy from different perspectives.

  • Given Quest: Players can obtain money, experience and reputation by completing the given quests and uncovering the mystery gradually. Further more, players can also complete the given quests in the form of a team. Most given quests are based on the famous stories of Greek Mythology. While playing, players can get a further understanding of Greek Mythology and enjoy GodsWar Online better as well.

- The story aspect in the first version of GodsWar Online is about a conspiracy of the Titans


- Equipment will be randomly generated. The attributes and intensity of every item the players get are all created at random. Therefore, there will be few items that are exactly the same. You can equipment (gear) through completing quests, killing monsters and manufacturing as well as events etc. Some equipment have level limitation and class division.

- There are four coloured (red, blue, green and yellow) stones in the game which players can purchase. Corresponding stones can upgrade equipment attributes. If the player has enough high-quality stones and uses them to strengthen their equipment, it is certain to strengthen an ordinary peice of equipment to be a unique and super one.

- Equipment collection is the core system of the game. Every character has up to 10 blanks for equipment.

- The weapons in GodsWar Online will not be damaged and degraded, and will not drop when characters die. Players can use them freely. (yaaay)

- Other items in the game are complementary; they can reverse situations instantaneously, but also need long cool-down times so they cannot be used frequently. GodsWar Online encourages gamers to win the battles through their skills rather than potions and medicines.


- There are two major cities in the game, Athens and Sparta, and the rivalry between these two is a major point of the game.

- Players of different cities will belong to different factions. Players have to choose one of the two factions when creating their character and join the faction battle (taking the city, PK).

- Players in different factions can PK each other.

- GodsWar Online has a large number of Greek cities; players can participate in the battle between Sparta and Athens for the city, or control the city through investment. Controlling a city will give the relevant player a lot of extra privileges.

- Players will gain reputation by contributing to your city and you'll therefore obtain corresponding titles. Furthermore, players can gain additional awards from having a high title. In order to increase the fun of faction system, the game will give different quest for different factions. Players can upgrade their reputation in the way of killing opponents and completing quests. Reputation is a necessary requirement to obtain title and access to high-class events.

- You can PK people from the opposite city (Athens or Sparta) but players on the same side are unable to attack each other.

- the gameworld will be comparatively small at first, but more areas will be added in successive updates - Egypt, Asia Minor and Persia are planned for the near future. Players can even organize an activity like expedition to Troy.

- Regions: Nemean forest, the Isthmus of Corinth, the Peloponnese, Olympus, the Oracle, Thermopylae, Marathon

- Cities: Athens, Sparta, Nemea, Corinth, Mycenae, Argos, Olympia, Megara, Delphi, Larrisa, Mycenae

- Instances: The gate to Hades, Cerynean, Lernaean, Stymphalian, Medusa's den, Dionysus' sanctum, Pan's forest, Garden of Hesperides. These special scenes in GodsWar online, require good team work for defeating the tough monsters.

- In Gods War you don't need to remember the names of the places you want to go to and their coordinates. You can be teleported instantly to a place by clicking it on the mini-map.


- players have two LVL attributes, corresponding to two classes. These classes also have subclasses respectively. For example, the class of Warrior includes ten subclasses, including; Wanderer, Conqueror, Mage and Juggernaut. The class of Scholar also includes ten subclasses, including; Sage, Oracle, Elementalist, and Stormcaller. If two of your LVL attributes reach a certain level, your character can change to the combined profession, such as Soothsayer, Troubadeur, Paladin and Guardian.

- For more information on the combined professions click here!

- Changing to another profession (subclass) is quite easy. If you meet the level requirements and you get the profession certificate by completing the assigned task, then you can submit the application of changing profession to the profession administrator.


- In GodsWar Online, skills provide an extra bonus in the character's abilities, the level of skill will grow when the skill proficiency increases. There is an upper limit in the amount of the skills that are obtainable. However, players can still learn some passive skills from training NPCs by paying when meeting a certain requirement. Players can also unlearn the skills. After unlearning a skill, this skill level will return to 0.

- Different than skills, casting spells will remain the same and cannot be upgraded. However when the player's ability to cast improves, the effect of the spell will increase as well. There is no upper limit to the amount of magic possible to learn, so players can learn as much as they like. When meeting certain requirements players can also pay to learn active magic from training NPCs.

- In GodsWar, players who meet certain requirements can go to learn skills and spells from the relevant NPCs who are always famous heroes who have appeared in Greek Mythology. For instance, Heracles, Poseidon, Theseus, Odysseus and Achilles, etc.


- In the release edition of GodsWar Online, non-combat skills and professions will not be available - but that will only be temporary. The updated versions will open a new merchant system, because GodsWar Online will have a complete profession conversion function. So, it will eventually be possible to possess a character with strong economic and technological capacities.


- GodsWar Online players will not lose items and experience after death. Because it is based on the conflict between two city-states or poleis, it is inevitable that players will be attacked by hostiles. Being killed by players from the other side or by NPCs is the same. If the player dies, others can revive him at the place of death; of course, the player can choose to return to the city to revive.


- GodsWar Online has a strong team-up system. Players can invite others nearby, or they can also enter the IDs of their friends to team up. Group members will receive more experience than solo players. And it is very difficult for a solo player to complete the instances (see above). The biggest difference from other games is that GodsWar Online has an unusual temporary grouping function. Players who use this function within a certain range of each other will be grouped as a team.

- Teaming up (Partying) is encouraged in GodsWar Online, but it does not mean that the player who likes going solo cannot survive. The team function is to add more fun to the game rather than to force grouping.

- Besides Partying, GodsWar Online will also have guilds, long-term groups, which is an important component of the poleis. Guild members play and cooperate together to enhance its strength, which will be reflected in every member's experience and skills. The amount of effective members in a guild will bring an extra bonus to every member's abilities. If the guild ranks as the Top 1 in the capital competition for guilds, its members will also obtain rich rewards.

-the guild is actually the most important form of online community in the game. Members will get bonuses from them, and can also win rewards from in-game events. Guilds are a branch of the poleis system, thus it's impossible to establish a Guild with players from different poleis.

- In Godswar, you can add friends to your contact list and also block unwelcome contacts. You can message your friends, or teleport yourself to your friends instantly by interacting with them frequently and raising your relationship value.

- Although you are far from your friends in the game, when your relationship value reaches a certain percentage you can group with your friends by their ID.

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