GodsWar to get Boar, Wolf and Deer Mounts

Fans cry out for mounts, GodsWar answers their prayers

In a recent developers diary the GodsWar Online team announced that, after much discussion and debate, mounts are coming to GodsWar Online. The Parnitha boar, a giant wolf, a horse and even a deer will be thrown into the battle mix soon. The decision came after the developers asked the GodsWar players if they wanted their ancient Greek characters to ride with style and the players answered with a resounding "yes!"

Some members of the GWO dev team had been arguing that mounts were never seen in ancient Greek wars, and even infantry were scarce because most ancient Greek warriors fought with shields and spears, much like in the movie 300. Since mounts weren't really historically accurate, they should be left out of the game, they argued. The mount proponents countered with references of elephant mounts cited at the battle of Thermopylae (also seen in the movie 300). But when it came down to it, the fans get what they want, and the fans want mounts.

The planned mounts will be upgradeable and the upgrades will change the look of the mount. The boar will get bigger muscles and huge tusks and the horse will get gold armor that protects its vulnerable spots. There's also talk of featuring even more bizarre creatures as mounts.  Mini-Kraken anyone?  The mounts still have a long way to go in the development process, but when they get here, players can expect to have full on mounted PvP battles against each other. Will they throw in that battle elephant they referenced? To check out more ancient Greek MMO fun go to the GodsWar Online homepage.



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