New Nemean Wolf mounts up in GodsWar Online

The new wolf is available by playing the GodsWar Wheel of Fortune


The new Nemean Wolf mount is now available in GodsWar Online. It joins the Boar as the second mount available in the MMORPG based in ancient Greece. It's also the grand prize in the GodsWar Wheel of Fortune, which players can have a spin on for 100 GW points. The wolf is certainly the most covetable prize on the wheel, and there's a guarantee: if you spin the wheel 30 times and don't win the Wolf, you get it on your 31st spin.

As we reported, the mounts are the newest feature in GodsWar, and not only boar and wolf mounts are planned. There will also be horses, deer and mounts that are based on more fantastic creatures. All the mounts, including the Wolf, are upgradeable and recommended for use in PvP gameplay. Head over to the GodsWar page to see more.


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