New MMO Requiem: Bloodymare Announced

A new MMO has been announced by the developers of Ragnarok Online!

Gravity Interactive, developer and publisher of a wide variety of online games including both casual and hardcore MMOs, is bringing the bloody horror of Requiem: Bloodymare to the United States in early 2008.  The title introduces a world where the misuse of science and magic has warped the natural world into a twisted vision of death.

Set in the world of Ethegia, players take on the role of the Temperions, beings created through genetic engineering and arcane rites to engage in bloody combat with the walking nightmares stalking the land. 

This game is not for the faint of heart!  You can visit the official site, but keep an eye on our games list entry, and we'll have screen shots and news for you about this upcoming game, very soon!


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