Exclusive Angels Online Developer Journal #1

Recently we interviewed Eric Lin over at IGG about their game Angels Online. We'll they've decided to write a Developer Journal for Allakhazam about the new expansion, "The Lost Atlantis". In the first installment of the series Eric discusses the inspiration for the direction that was taken during development on the expansion.

Chapter I: Inspiration of the Lost Atlantis

Angels, Not Exclusive to Heaven!

In the Lost Atlantis, all maps are in the deep sea, which is quite different from the original Angels Online maps in the first expansion, Eden. The inspiration came from the story of the Lost City of Atlantis and I have read it dozens of times. We set the background as follows:

Long ago, there was a mystical kingdom called Atlantis, which was located to the west of the beautiful city of Eden. Generations of Angels lived and worked there in peace. However, this peace was soon overwhelmed by the ferocity of war. After the war, Atlantis was torn from the land and sunk beneath the waves. Even after this tragedy the people of Eden sought peace.

Recently, scientists from the Iron Castle Exploration Association have found the exact location of Atlantis. The first cooperation among four factions in history was created. They have created a great exploration ship, Habosen, and planned to go to Atlantis. While Angels all over Eden cheered their bravery and hoped for the best, evil shadows gathered under the water.

Atlantis? So what!
Imagine walking around in a deep sea with sweet sounds and various sea creatures swimming around you. Imagine being in the sea with 30 or 50 players and searching for the mystic lost city. That’s the Lost Atlantis: cute graphics and large-scale player interaction, as we want to show you. It was a daring attempt to bring Angels to the sea, but why not?

So that was the vision. Before we delivered it to be published, many beta testers seemed to enjoy it, but they may be telling us nice things in hopes of getting better stuff.

Eric Lin
AO Project Manager


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