Angels Online Shows Off Assassin Class

Assassin Class is quick, stealthy and deadly

Who knew heaven had hitmen? Angels Online's newest expansion adds the Assassin class to the Swordsman, Priest and Archer classes fighting Heaven's war against the Evil Lyceum. AO's development journal describes the new Assassins as notorious, mysterious and quick, with an enigmatic fighting style. The Assassins were added with the Floating Island expansion two months ago, and have been slowly gaining popularity to become one of the most respected classes.

But how does the Assassin Class play? In short, Assassins give up defensive abilities for explosively fast and powerful attacks. Most classes in Angels Online can train one battle skill and five assistant skills, but Assassins can train three battle skills and three assistant skills, which puts the emphasis on attacking. The different battle skills translate into battle stances the Assassin can take, the most important being the devastating Shadow Blade battle skill. Additionally, the Avatar attack skill summons assistants who help the player and the Assault battle skill grants various additional buffs.

The Assassin's emphasis on damage dealing causes him to sacrifice defensive ability, evidenced by his lower amount of health points in comparison to other classes. Assassins also posses more agility than the other classes, which lets them rattle off attacks much faster. Because of this speed, an assassin's weapon stats will not be viewable to an opponent in PvP, which also fits with the Assassin's mysteriousness. The assassin is also granted a stealth skill, which lets them hide in any environment, completely invisible to others.

As you can probably glean, the Assassins are shaping up to be the tricky, quick and sneaky ninja types for Angels Online. So if an offensive, enigmatic character is appealing to you, sneak your way over to the Angels Online homepage and try it out.


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