3rd AO Expansion Introduces House System

The third expansion for Angels Online is live today. As the name suggests, "House Party" introduces a house system to the game.

You can build a house and furniture by collecting materials, or buy your house directly from the Item Mall. In addition, the level cap has been raised to 130 and new jungle and desert maps have been added.

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The Angels Online team (http://ao.igg.com/main.php) today announce that the long-awaited new expansion of Angels Online, House Party, will be available for all players after the service maintenance on May 21st.

House Party is the third expansion for Angels Online and it contains an abundance of new content. Among them, the most exciting new feature is the new House System.

Production players can manufacture a house and all kinds of furniture via orders obtained from collecting materials. Meanwhile, other players can directly purchase a house and whatever furniture suits their fancy from the in-game Item Mall. Customization options are almost limitless, and can be changed, and rearranged as often as players like. Redecorating has never been this easy!

In addition to the flagship House system, House Party also offers players an increased Level limit 130, and brand new jungle and desert maps to explore!

Meanwhile, the Angels Online team will be holding a series of events to celebrate the release of House Party. Please visit the official site for event details.

For more information about House Party, please visit http://ao.igg.com/act/house


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