Christmas Comes to Angels Online this Week

IGG has announced that the world of Angels Online will soon be filled with in-game events to celebrate the Christmas season.

One of the events, "Christmas Wishes," began yesterday, while the rest all start throughout the week. You can find all the information reagrding the holiday extravaganza here, including in-depth lists outlining all of the rewards you can obtain by participating in the events. You can also read the press release after the jump.

Christmas and the season of giving have finally arrived! IGG wants to give something back to their players for their continued support, so the Angels Online team ( ) will be holding plenty of in-game events. Now, the AO team is giving a brief introduction concerning the events details.

Event I: Fortune Block

It’s said that a [Sorcerer] has come to the Angel Lyceum from a distant, mysterious oriental country. He can contact the Gods via two half-moon Fortune Blocks. Many players were fascinated by this and went to inquire about their luck from this Sorcerer. Directed by the Gods, the Sorcerer said that players can obtain various rewards if they bring the [Fortune Blocks] and play a mini game.

Apart from those affluent rewards, all players have a chance to obtain Mystic Tickets which can be used to exchange for various items.

Event II: Exchange for Christmas Dreams

After you have made many wishes for your friends and family, don’t forget to make a wish for yourself when the New Year bell rings. In order to celebrate Christmas and give players something back for their continued support, the GMs in Angels Online would like to help players fulfill three dreams. Hurry and collect all the required items and then you can make your dreams come true!

Event III: Christmas Wishes

How amazing it is to see your skill level and character level rising so fast! But are they all on the up? Christmas is fast approaching and snowflakes are dancing everywhere in the Angel Lyceum. Hurry and make your wishes and you may obtain a Christmas gift from the GMs.


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