New Zones Open this Weekend in GodsWar Alpha

IGG will be releasing some new event maps this weekend for players participating in the alpha test for GodsWar Online, its first 3D MMORPG.

Cursed Zone is a place cursed by the Gods. Treasure Land contains people fighting against monsters to keep their riches. Europa, Zeus' lover, is trapped in Hera's Labyrinth, and it's up to brave players to find her.

If you're interested in trying out any of these zones, they will each be open on different mornings between Dec. 12-14. Keep reading after the jump for the full list of times.

GodsWar Online ( ) will be releasing some new event maps this weekend to give players even more to explore during the Alpha Test period. Don't miss the new maps - Cursed Zone, Treasure Land and Hera's Labyrinth this weekend!


Cursed Zone (1, 2, 3)

It is a place cursed by the Gods. Once people lived a pleasant life here, but they didn't respect the Gods or even worship them. This made the Gods angry and they cursed the land. After that, the monsters there became increasingly strong, and the local inhabitants had no choice but to move on.


Event Time: 8:30am –10:30am December 12th EST (GMT-5)

How to enter:

Suburbs of Athens: Cursed Zone Transporter (128, -135)
Suburbs of Sparta: Cursed Zone Transporter (-139, -109)
Rewards: Enhanced Gear with Multi-attribute or Level which can be traded and more.


Treasure Land

To help people get rid of poverty and disease, Hermes brought lots of treasure to the world. Zeus was very irritated when he found out and penalized Hermes. However, the treasure had been spread to the world already, so Zeus created many monsters to take it back. The people didn't give in and fought against the monsters in a place which is called Treasure Land.

Event Time: 8:30am –10:30am December 13th EST (GMT-5)

How to enter:
Athens: Treasure Land Transporter (78, -154)

Sparta: Treasure Land Transporter (38, -49)

Rewards: Gems, Potions, Treasure Boxes, Keys and various Gear.


Hera's Labyrinth

Zeus dated his lover Europa, often making Hera jealous. In order to punish Europa, Hera trapped her on an isolated isle and created the complex Labyrinths on the isles to imprison her. It is difficult for common people to find her.
Zeus knew he was in the wrong, but he couldn't bear Europa's great suffering. Thus, he secretly asked Ares and Athena to call on their people to rescue Europa. Whoever succeeds in finding her will receive abundant rewards from Zeus.


Event Time: 8:30am –10:30am December 14th EST (GMT-5)

How to enter:

Athens: Cyclades

Sparta: Dodecanese

Rewards: Exp rewards are in accordance with the players' level.


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