SOTNW Releases Patch 3.0: Echoes Of An Empire

You might remember about two months ago when we interviewed GamersFirst Producer Jon-Enée Merriex about the state of Sword of the New World, and it looks like the team is continuing to deliver, as we are now seeing the launch of a huge patch for Sword of the New World: Echoes of an Empire. In the hugely anticipated patch 3.0, players will see the introduction of two new Unique Player Characters (UPCs) Nar and Selva. Nar is an Erracan Warrior who wields a massive two-handed Crescent Axe in battle. Selva, or Lady Katovic as she is also known, lives in Auch and is a mortal enemy of Montoro. While Lady Selva may seem at a disadvantage with only one hand (she lost her left hand!), her rapier skills remain undiminished, and she is also capable of equipping fist weapons to fight in that manner.

The new 3.0 patch will also see the introduction of a whole new region, Errac, and this will be the first zone to be affected by both night and day. The new major city of Errac is called El Dorado. Echoes of the Empire will also introduce a plethora of expert stances, weapons and armour, like Constellation Weapons and Elite La Noir armour. You can check out the full path notes here, or go check out the game on your own here!


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