Sword of the New World renames to Sword 2

Of course, we all know you can't just change your name without something to show...

It's hard to believe that, less than a year ago, Sword of the New World was a game barely struggling to make ends meet, much less produce any sort of new content (and it hadn't for the past nine months!). A number of months back, however, the SotNW team decided to really put their noses to the grind and, since then, SotNW has undergone a fantastic transformation for the better.

And so, in an attempt to really confirm this transformation with the release of their biggest update yet, patch 4.1, the SotNW team has also decided that this update will come with a name change as well. Thus, the SotNW team has confirmed that this multi-unit MMORPG will no longer be known by its awkward "Sword of the New World" title, but now it will, instead, go by the name "Sword 2." Also with this name change will come a web-based SotNW game, called "Sword 2: Dominus," a plethora of game changes and the news that the Sword 2 team is already planning to release a new expansion in the fall, called "Rennaissance." So get ready, Sword of the New World fans, this summer and fall promise to be exciting!


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