SOTNW Kicks Off The New Years With "Ho The Tiger"

Well it seems like the team over at Sword of the New World is staying true to their promise to deliver a constant flow of content to players after September. New Years has now seen the introduction of their "Ho the Tiger" New Years Event! With the year of the Tiger coming up (in terms of the Chinese Zodiac), the SOTNW team has an event planned where players can collect Pure Ores or Suspicious Red Ores in order to get a chance to participate in a mini-game to win some neat Tiger Pets.

According to a forum post made by one of the SOTNW team, the mini-game is essentially a "guess the number" game, where players need to guess a 3-digit secret number and the NPC will give hints as to which numbers are in the right position, and which are just plain wrong. Winners will get to pick one of three special Tiger pets, and while the pets aren't permanent, they certainly are a nice addition for the New Years:

1000 points + 400,000 Feso = White Tiger
2000 points + 250,000 Feso = Black Tiger
3000 points + 100,000 Feso = Golden Tiger

White Tiger gives the "White Bless" buff for 20 minutes + 1500 HP
Black Tiger gives the "Sharp Claw" buff for 20 minutes + 1000 HP
Golden Tiger loots the item drops every 2 seconds

White Bless Buff: Immune +5, Movement Speed +10%, Defense +10
Sharp Claw Buff: Pierce +5, Attack Speed +10%, Critical +10


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