Guild Spotlight: PirateLords

Here comes Guild Spotlight #2 where you get the chance to learn more about another of your potential allies or enemies, featuring PirateLords!

Long ago in a galaxy far far away......and yes, that is where PirateLords began, back in 2002 for Star Wars Galaxies. 3 friends had a vision - to create a guild to do one simple have fun.

The name PirateLords - based on the rumors that SWG was going to have a third faction based on the Hutts - was chosen for an original name that wasn't overused. The intent was to be space pirates associated with the Hutt faction, bounty hunters, smugglers and all the shady individuals that come with the territory. Today, out of the three friends and founders, only Crossbone remains, and has been a solid pillar of the PirateLord community.

With his leadership and his visions - the idea "to do more with less" has become the motive of the guild, and each day we strive to truly deliver on that line of thought through use of tactics, instead of sheer numbers.

Continue on to discover more about their history, philosphies and goals!

Any game that we join, we know we join together as more then guild mates, but as friends. Bonds that have been made beyond the idea of gaming, a tight-knit crew that knows how to communicate, play together and move through any game at our own pace. We never let others dictate how or when we should be achieving objectives or goals. Instead, we prefer to combine our talents to think outside the box and challenge ourselves as often as possible. Strong communication with each other has been one of our main staples. With repetition this leads to a fluid style, turning it into anticipating a guildmates action instead having to convey each and every move.

Because of this environment we have created, we do not believe in just throwing masses of players at a target or in PvP situations. Doing so would not allow us to call such an encounter a "victory" in good conscience or allow us to maintain the skill level we enjoy playing with. We have been a part of many MMO battles and server wars with hundreds on each side.

After epic war experiences with the competition being steamrolled in seconds we decided to keep a focus more on using smaller squads and guerrilla tactics to maximize the fun. We decided if a few of us can do it, we can attract others just as skilled or teach those capable of learning our ways of intelligent tactics. From this came another staple which is being able to elevate the game-play of those around us, and so we preach that we can teach others to be leaders and not followers.

Our pride in our endeavors comes from knowing each member has played a key role in letting us defeat that encounter, that larger guilds have struggled with. And to be part of the PirateLords, we expect only three things. Drive, dedication and loyalty.

Our members drive themselves each day to better themselves, each other and this guild. By grouping together for leveling or helping each other with key situation and quests, all of our members are motivated to do what it takes to advance.

Dedication can be seen throughout the PirateLords as we continue to grow in strength. Doing "more with less" requires each member to be fully committed to the guild and the goals set forth, requiting a strict discipline at times, to ensure we are all performing at our utmost potential. And this is maintained by our members out of pure desire.

Loyalty is the staple of our home. All of he hard work we put in is not only for the overall good of the guild, but also to help each other, our friends and out family. There is a strong level of trust held among our members, and that same trust is extended to any new members once they have completed the initiation stage.

Joining the PirateLords is not always the easiest of tasks, we are "rough around the edges" and are very open with our thoughts and feelings. People who are not accustomed to such a truthful environment often do not make it into this guild. Our initiates tend to get bombarded with tasks, are the brunt of our jokes and get teased to see what they are made of. However, this being all in good fun, they are still being closely watched in game for skill and talent.

That skill and talent won't account for anything, if they do not mesh with the tight-knit guild. We solemnly believe if you do not fit in, no matter how good a player you are, you will not be able to contribute to the guild as a whole.

Fitting in is so vital to this guild, that it can be considered a column of how we function. Crossbone and Piratess ( now a husband and wife team ) are the leaders of PirateLords, but it is the member base of the PirateLords that dictate the direction that the guild goes. Long term members, not only get to review incoming applications, but they are involved in which games we play, what our goals are for this game, as well as who gets to join the ranks of the PirateLords. The Conclave, which consists of the leaders and the officers, are there not to display titles and enact their power, but to be in service to the guild, to ensure that the original idea of PirateLords is upheld and that the environment we play in remains to a certain standard.

It is the hope of the PirateLords to continue being a solid fixture in the gaming community, hated or loved, and we will always look forward to meeting all of you in the field, friend or foe.



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# Jul 28 2010 at 8:36 PM Rating: Decent
Actually we may re-open recruitment again a few weeks prior to launch...we have already booted a few of the recent recruits who didn't "make the grade"
# Jul 29 2010 at 1:57 PM Rating: Decent
41 posts
Did you make them walk the plank? :)
# Jul 29 2010 at 2:23 PM Rating: Decent
If by walk the plank you mean "suggested they now go join an enemy guild" then yes! :D
Side note....
# Jul 27 2010 at 9:36 PM Rating: Decent
Please note that our recruitment for TERA is presently closed. We will however be accepting a few good people when TERA starts. Feel free to join our forums and hang out with us anytime :)
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# Jul 28 2010 at 8:34 PM Rating: Decent
Thx Chime!

Edited, Jul 28th 2010 10:38pm by Godbone
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# Jul 28 2010 at 2:56 PM Rating: Excellent
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PL is actually pretty friendly and plays a lot of different games while waiting for a next major MMO. Fun to visit and hang out even if you're not a guild member.
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