Ashes of History (Rift Event)  

Ashes of History went live the morning of October 13, 2011.

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Before the Ward fell and the Blood Storm's power seeped into the world a great network of instantaneous travel connected all the people of Telara. The Porticulums are based on this mysterious magic but its secrets were lost in the great war.

Akylios, the mad lord of the deep, sought to sow chaos by burying the ancient Travel Stones — their location's lost to his lunacy. Now his power is failing, and as his grip on the world slips into the abyss these ancient stones have begun to stir back to life — what mysteries do they hold?

Your search will take you to the ends of the earth, heroes — steel yourselves, for you are not alone in your quest. The Golden Maw and The Wanton, the cults of Laethys & Maelforge, seek to use these stones for themselves and bring forth a new reign of fire and chaos! [1]

Each phase has both story and daily quests.

Phase 3: Building Bridges

The Ascended must work to build their own (safe) Travel Gate to reach Ember Isle before The Golden Maw and The Wanton can execute their evil plan!

Story Quest
Reopening the Doorway
Daily Quests
Fragmenting the Alliance
Have at Thee, Fiend!
Rift Closed!
Shoring Up the Wardstones
The Right Stuff?
The Left Stuff
Other Quests
Dissonance of Harmony

World Event Merchants

The currency for this event is Magma Opal. The Rewards are available from Thaleis in The Training Yard, Meridian or Vodmirov in Tavril Plaza, Sanctum.

Item Name Price Calling Lvl
Inert Raptor Egg (Level 1) 1 - -
Burning Earth Shard 75 - -
Box of Random Artifacts 100 - -
Initiate's Chain Kapelo 100 Cleric 1
Initiate's Cloth Kapelo 100 Mage 1
Initiate's Leather Kapelo 100 Rogue 1
Initiate's Plate Kapelo 100 Warrior 1
Lesser Coruscating Stalactite 100 Mage 1
Lesser Glittering Stalactite 100 Cleric 1
Lesser Scintillating Stalactite 100 Warrior 1
Lesser Shimmering Stalactite 100 Rogue 1
Apprentice's Chain Kapelo 200 Cleric 30
Apprentice's Cloth Kapelo 200 Mage 30
Apprentice's Leather Kapelo 200 Rogue 30
Apprentice's Plate Kapelo 200 Warrior 30
Coruscating Stalactite 200 Mage 30
Glittering Stalactite 200 Cleric 30
Scintillating Stalactite 200 Warrior 30
Shimmering Stalactite 200 Rogue 30
Chain Kapelo 300 Cleric 40
Cloth Kapelo 300 Mage 40
Greater Coruscating Stalactite 300 Mage 40
Greater Glittering Stalactite 300 Cleric 40
Greater Scintillating Stalactite 300 Warrior 40

Item Name Price Calling Lvl
Greater Shimmering Stalactite 300 Rogue 40
Leather Kapelo 300 Rogue 40
Plate Kapelo 300 Warrior 40
Adventurer's Hat 500 - 50
Ancient Kelari Robe 500 - 50
Battered Master's Plate Kapelo 500 Warrior 50
Dusty Travel Hunter's Satchel 500 - -
Exalted Encrusted Stalactite 500 - 50
Exalted Glittering Stalactite 500 Cleric 50
Exalted Scintillating Stalactite 500 Warrior 50
Exalted Shimmering Stalactite 500 Rogue 50
Master's Chain Kapelo 500 Cleric 50
Master's Cloth Kapelo 500 Mage 50
Master's Leather Kapelo 500 Rogue 50
Master's Plate Kapelo 500 Warrior 50
Nugget 500 - -
Riotous Living 500 - -
Touch of Greed 500 - -
Vial of Liquid Greed 500 - -
Sublime Coruscating Stalactite 20 500 Mage 50
Sublime Glittering Stalactite 20 500 Cleric 50
Sublime Encrusted Stalactite 20 500 - 50
Sublime Scintillating Stalactite 20 500 Warrior 50
Sublime Shimmering Stalactite 20 500 Rogue 50

Essence Guide

  • Coruscating - Mage - INT, WIS, Spell Crit
  • Encrusted - All - Rogue Tanks - END, Parry, Dodge
  • Glittering - Clerics - INT, WIS, Spell Crit
  • Scintillating - Warriors - STR, DEX, Phys Crit
  • Shimmering - Rogues - STR, DEX, Phys Crit

All essences also have Earth Resistance.

Completed Phases

Phase 1: The Song of Karine

The long-forgotten Travelstones are awakening! Only the Ascended can uncover their secrets. The adventure begins in the capital city for your faction with a short introductory quest.

Defiants should start their journey by speaking to Sophasa the Farseeing in The Training Yard, Meridian.
Guardians may begin their adventures by speaking to Fradumir in Tavril Plaza, Sanctum.

Story Quest
The Travel Stones
Daily Quests
Calling Out the Cadence (Phase 1 Only)
Dust! (Phase 1 Only)
Fragmenting the Alliance
Have at Thee, Fiend!
Rift Closed!
Shoring Up the Wardstones
Other Quests
Dissonance of Harmony

Phase 2: A Strange Alliance

The forces of Fire and Earth have formed an unexpected truce. Help beat their sinister ambitions.

Story Quest
Unlikely Alliances
Daily Quests
An Amazing Amalgam
Fragmenting the Alliance
Have at Thee, Fiend!
Rift Closed!
Shoring Up the Wardstones
Unannounced Arrival
Other Quests
Dissonance of Harmony

  1. ^ Trion Community Announcement
Ashes of History
World Event

October 13, 2011

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