Autumn Harvest (Rift Event)  

Autumn Harvest
World Event


Autumn Harvest is currently scheduled to run until October 10, 2012.

Atrophinius has awakened and is ready to begin the harvest. As his head clears from the fog of old mead, he eyes the pile of work to be done. He has accumulated treasures and trash from all over Telara and stored them in the Realm of the Autumn Harvest to reward any Ascended who comes to help him in his tasks! Enter the Realm of the Autumn Harvest through Faerie Rings located around Telara. You can find helpful NPCs in Sanctum and Meridian to kick off your search.

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This is a single-phase event with several quests. See the event NPCs in Sanctum and Meridian to get started!

The Realm of the Autumn Harvest - find this zone by locating a Faerie Ring, which are scattered around the world. One, in Silverwood, is pictured at the top of this page. From within this zone you will see some glowing portals (similar to Sliver portals). These are exits that will take you to your home city.

The currencies for this event are Autumn Harvest Ambersap and Autumn Harvest Signet.

Phase 1: The Harvest

The lazy days of summer are past. Now is the time to reap the Autumn Cap harvest and bring it to the Realm of the Autumn Harvest through Faerie Rings.

City Daily




Event Merchants

Rift Mobile App

For a limited time during the Autumn Harvest event there is a Pumpkin Patch scratch-off game on the Rift Mobile app! Possible rewards include:

Event Currency Notes

As of the launch of 1.10 on 9/12/12 items that were purchased with the world event currencies Dragon Tears (from 1.4) and Magma Opals (from 1.5) have been removed from the World Event Merchants. The items that could be bought are not being removed and will become available via other mechanics, but they can no longer be bought with world event currency. [1]

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