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In Rift, there are many different kinds of currency. Below is a list of available currencies in the game.

Currency Wallet

Press "C" to Bring up your Character Screen. Pick the "Currency" tab on the left.

Favor PvP
Lucky Coin Artifacts
Artisan's Mark Crafting
Master Craftsman's MarkCrafting
Grandmaster Craftsman's MarkCrafting
Planarite Planar
Sourcestone Planar
Plaque of Achievement Dungeons
Mark of Ascension Raid (T1)
Greater Mark of Ascension Raid (T2)
Infernal Mark of Ascension Raid (T3)
Empyreal Slayer's MarkDungeons (Expert)
Frozen Eclipse StoneRaid (SL)
Infinity StoneWorld Gear
Storm Legion required


Artifacts - Earned by completing collections. Used to buy companions and other items from the Artifact Collector.

Crafting - Earned by completing Work Orders and Crafting Rifts. Used to buy recipes.

Planar - Earned by completing Rifts and some quests. Used to buy a variety of goods from Planar Merchants.

Dungeons - Earned by completing Dungeon quests. Used to buy high-quality gear from vendors in College of Planar Studies in Meridian or Lodge of the Planes in Sanctum.

PvP - Favor is earned by PvPing in open world or in Warfronts. Used to buy gear.

Raid - Earned by participating in raids or Expert dungeons. Used to buy high quality gear from vendors in College of Planar Studies in Meridian, Lodge of the Planes in Sanctum, and Reclaimers Hold in Moonshade Highlands.

World Gear - Earned by completing end game Carnage Quests, Instant Adventures, Hunt Rifts and defeating rare and powerful enemies in Storm Legion zones. Use it with special merchants to purchase World Gear.

Sourcestone and Planarite

Sourcestones and Planarite are Planar rewards for participation in closing rifts and defeating invasions. They can be spent with Planar Goods and Rare Planar Goods merchants in the level range where they are awarded. Sourcestone can also be exchanged for containers of Planarite.

Planar Voucher vendors exist in your home city that will sell vouchers which allow Sourcestone to be moved from one character to another on the same account at a cost of 100-500 planarite.

NameQuartermaster Locations
AllPlanariteAll Planar Merchants have items for sale that require PlanariteAll Planar Merchants have items for sale that require Planarite
5-20Corrupted SourcestoneQuartermaster Fry
King's Retreat (Freemarch)
Quartermaster Gerand
Denegar's Stand (Freemarch)
Kaerin Brandeon
Rare Planar Goods (south of Argent Glade, Silverwood)
20-40Cursed Sourcestone Quartermaster Verdson
Granite Falls (Stonefield)
Lorem Ornae
Rare Planar Goods vendor in Gloamwood Pines (Gloamwood)
30-45Vile SourcestoneLelani Ponlai
Perspice (Scarwood Reach)
Miron Ledino
Kain's Command (Scarwood Reach)
Allison Vineleaf
Rare Planar Goods vendor in Three Springs (Moonshade Highlands)
Quartermaster Uzan
Lantern Hook (Droughtlands)
40-50Inscribed SourcestoneGarad Nallam
College of Planar Studies (Meridian)
Quartermaster Melke
Sanctum of the Vigil (Sanctum)
Tananda Whitecoat
Whitefall (Iron Pine Peak)
Lorna Antwar
Broken Vale (Stillmoor)
Denora Soulspark
Warden's Descent (Stillmoor)
AllPlanar VouchersSenan Ladum
College of Planar Studies (Meridian)
Quartermaster Ootalme
Sanctum of the Vigil (Sanctum)
50-60Empyreal Sourcestone †Dame Uragano
Tempest Bay (The Academy)
Storm Legion required


Dungeon Plaques/Marks are awarded for level 50 content and are used for purchasing armor sets appropriate for their content level. Plaques are awarded for a successful boss kill and also for completing the daily/weekly dungeon quests.

CurrencyAcquired FromUsed For
Plaque of Achievement Expert Mode Dungeon Bosses and Chronicles. Tier 1 & 2 Dungeon Armor
Mark of Ascension Drowned Halls, Gilded Prophecy, Greenscale's Blight, River of Souls Tier 3 Armor Sets (aka Raid Tier 1)
Greater Mark of Ascension Rise of the Phoenix, Hammerknell Fortress Tier 4 Armor Sets (aka Raid Tier 2)
Infernal Mark of Ascension Infernal Dawn Tier 5 Armor Sets (aka Raid Tier 3)

Event Currency

World Events typically introduce currency that is earned from quests and actions within that event, and can be used to purchase items from World Event Merchants.

Temporary currency is placed into your inventory. It is Bound to Account and can be mailed to other characters on the same account. Once an event has ended, event items are moved and any remaining temporary currency can be spent at the World Event merchant; however, there is currently no way to acquire more of a temporary currency.

Currency from Recurring Events is placed in your currency wallet for next year's event.

Item NameEventNotes
Unique Snowflake Fae Yule CelebrationWinter Solstice
Glass Beads Carnival of the AscendedRift Anniversary
Prize Ticket Carnival of the AscendedRift Anniversary
Pyrite Doubloon Carnival of the AscendedRift Anniversary
Molten Gold Ingot War of the Wanton Mawpatch 1.8
Crystalline Rage War of the Wanton Mawpatch 1.8
Summerfest Merit Badge SummerfestSummer Solstice
Summerfest Friendship Bracelet SummerfestSummer Solstice
Autumn Harvest Ambersap Autumn HarvestAutumnal Equinox
Autumn Harvest Signet Autumn HarvestAutumnal Equinox
Electrified Emblem Tempest Risingpatch 1.11
† Recurring Event Currency. These items go directly to your Currency Wallet and do not take up space in inventory.

Reputation Currency

Like event currency, this is an item in your inventory. Various groups award these tokens for performing tasks, and a merchant will redeem them for gear.

Perspice Hunting TokenRed Scar Trackers
Lelani Ponlai
Perspice (Scarwood Reach)
Hunt rare mobs in Scarwood Reach
Kain Hunting TokenIron Claw Trappers
Miron Ledino
Kain's Command (Scarwood Reach)
Hunt rare mobs in Scarwood Reach
Hunter's TokennoneBig Tom
Hunters' Camp (Droughtlands)
Hunt Cats and Harpies around the Hunters' Camp
Plaque of the MountaineerIcewatchMaster-at-Arms Varis
Chancel of Labors (Iron Pine Peak)
Earned by performing daily level 50 quests in Iron Pine Peak

Retired Currencies

The following currencies have been retired from the game:

Item NameEventUpdate Retired
Ancient Golden Dragon Egg Shell Spoils of War
Otherworldly Sourcestone River of Souls
Rune King's Seal Waves of Madness
Dragon Tear Planar Menace
Magma Opal Ashes of History

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