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The Crystalsong Forest is, quite literally, a forest that appears to be crafted from the purest crystal.

The crystals have not been shaped by humanoid hands into these likenesses. Rather, they grow directly from the landscape itself, taking on the semblance of an actual forest, hence the name. In fact, the ground itself is composed of the same crystalline substance, glowing softly in the crisp wintry air. And, with the snow falling over the surface of the area giving it the semblance of a winter landscape, the effect is quite striking and awe-inspiring.

Beauty and a low pitched "singing" fills the Crystalsong Forest. This is from the noise the crystals make as they grow - they seem to sing.

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The forest, for all its beauty and serenity, hides a tragic history behind its beautiful facade. For it was here that the Blue Dragonflight fought and was nearly utterly destroyed by the Black Dragonflight. Tuskarr legends tell of the magic of the blue dragons being released into the air as they fell to the Black Dragons. During the course of the battle, an elder blue dragon attempted a spell meant to turn the black dragons into ice and save his brethren from their doom, however, due to the magical energy of the area, the very spell designed to save the Blue Dragonflight was accidentally amplified and directed at the very landscape, causing the once living, breathing forest to turn forevermore to crystal. Of the landscape, only the Great Tree was spared this fate, protected by the magic of the Emerald Dream. As a result of the conflict and subequent converting of the area, the only inhabitants in the region are Green Dragons and Crystal Golems sent by the Storm Giants of Ulduar to gather crystals for their experiments


The Crystalsong Forest can be found to the north of The dragonblight, and crossing it to its northen end can take you to Icecrown Glacier or The Storm Peaks

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Wrath of the Lich King

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