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Some dyes are crafted by Apothecaries while most can be purchased from Dye Vendors. Dyes can be used to change the color of an Armor piece.

To apply a dye, right-click on the dye to use it, then click the hand on the armor to apply to. A box will ask if you want to change the Primary or Secondary color. A confirmation box will appear and your picture in the Character window should change to show you how the new color will look. Not all armor can be re-colored, and of the ones that can, not all have a secondary color option.

Crafted by Apothecaries

Primary Ingredients
Cyan Dye10Coastal Glory and Rotting Canine
Light Cyan Dye30Grieveblossom Petals and Rotting Canine
Dark Cyan Dye50Grieveblossom Petals and Rotting Canine
Seafoam Green Dye90Razorbrush Leaves and Jagged Tooth
Light Seafoam Green Dye110Golden Nettle Stems and Jagged Tooth
Dark Seafoam Green Dye110Duskglory Petals and Jagged Tooth
Light Magenta Dye150Wyvernspurr Stems and Pristine Molar
Sky Blue Dye160Wyvernspurr Stems and Pristine Molar
Light Sky Blue Dye170Roc Orchid Petals and Pristine Molar
Dark Sky Blue Dye190Drakefoot Stems and Bloody Fang
Magenta Dye230Bloodshade Petals and Bloody Fang
Dark Magenta Dye270Tempestflower Stems and Fanged Mandible
Black Dye290Darkened Bone, Eternal Planar Dust and Twilight Bloom Roots
White Dye290Pristine Distillate, Eternal Planar Dust and Twilight Bloom Roots
Storm Legion has added new purchaseable dyes as well as new dye recipes. If you are an Apothecary, please feel free to edit this page and update the table for Grandmaster.

Note: - Planar Dusts are common drops from all rifts, invasions and footholds, and can also be obtained by Apothecaries from Salvaging. Bones and teeth are gathered by Butchers. All other ingredients are gathered by Foragers. Ingredients purchased from merchants are not listed.

Purchased from Dye Vendors

Primary TintsSecondary TintsOthers


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