Butchering (Rift Profession)  

Quick Facts

  • Skill: Gathering
  • Station: Loom
  • Levels
    • 1 - 75 Novice
    • 75 - 150 Skilled
    • 150 - 225 Expert
    • 225 - 300 Master
    • 300 - 375 Grandmaster


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Butchering is one of three Gathering professions and allows you to collect hides, bones, and teeth from beasts. The hides can then be tanned to make leather.

Leather can be used by Outfitters (cloth and leather armor) and Artificers (book and accessory making). Teeth and Bones are used by Apothecaries (Potions) and Artificers (totems and fetishes).

Major Points

  • No Butchering tools are needed.
  • All Gathering Profession skills can be learned as soon as you get out of the introductory zones.
  • You can gain skill by skinning as high as 50 points above your butchering Level.
  • In addition to Hides, Butchering will also occasionally yield Bones and/or Teeth.


Faction Name Location Coordinates
Defiant Ian Fellows Ark of the Ascended, Freemarch 6200,4340
Defiant Zenre Palux Kelari Refuge, Freemarch 6580,4600
Guardian Mardain Willows Argent Glade, Silverwood 6035,3005
Guardian Kernan Wittle Divine Landing, Silverwood 6220,3860
Defiant Rander Michaelson Granite Falls, Stonefield 4995,4950
~ ~ ~ ~
Defiant Jace Prisco Epoch Plaza, Meridian 6045,5245
Guardian Martin Nastrin Thedeor's Circle, Sanctum 7440,2950
Neutral Azeran Laen Hunter's Camp, Droughtlands 8540, 6625
Neutral Thonderil Fortune's Shore, Shimmersand 6480,7035
Neutral Karnon Saletaj Tuldio Retreat, Kingdom of Pelladane 7230, 5615
Neutral Flarado Hauto Tulan, Cape Jule 8330, 11960
Neutral Fortan Certe The Canals, Tempest Bay 12805, 11670


Jace Prisco in Meridian and Martin Nastrin in Sanctum are eager to accept any interesting hides and pelts you find while butchering. The following quests are item-triggered by rare drops.

Unblemished Pelt (requires Butchering 115)

  1. Fine Fur (20)
  2. The Finer Points of Leather (20) - Craft 10 Medium Leather and 10 Heavy Leather.
Reward: Recipe: Fine Leather

Rigid Hide Patch (requires Butchering 185)

  1. Thick Skin (30)
  2. Extra Thickness (30) - Craft 10 Thick Leather and 10 Exotic Leather
Reward: Recipe: Reinforced Leather

Strange Hide Swatch (requires Butchering 280)

  1. A Tanner's Treasure (40)
  2. A Peerless Leather (40) - Craft 10 Soulbind Leather and 10 Steeled Leather
Reward: Recipe: Imbued Leather

See also: Weekly Harvesting Guild Quests

Skills to Learn

Recipe Skill Ingredient(s)
Soft Leather 1 1 Soft Hide
Thin Leather 35 1 Thin Hide
Medium Leather 75 1 Medium Hide
Heavy Leather 115 1 Heavy Hide
Fine Leather 115 1 Medium Hide, 1 Heavy Hide, 2 Plain Thread
Thick Leather 145 1 Thick Hide
Reinforced Leather 186 1 Thick Hide, 1 Exotic Hide, 2 Fine Thread
Exotic Leather 185 1 Exotic Hide
Soulbind Leather 225 1 Soulhide
Steeled Leather 270 1 Ironhide
Imbued Leather 280 1 Soulhide, 1 Ironhide, 2 Silken Thread
Dense Leather 290 1 Dense Hide
Steel-Stitched Leather 300 1 Steeled Leather, 2 Magical Oil, 1 Catalytic Essence
Striped Leather 335 1 Striped Hide
Truehide Leather 350 1 Truehide
Impervious Truehide Leather 375 1 Dense Leather, 1 Striped Leather, 1 Truehide Leather, 2 Strong Thread, 3 Magical Oil, 1 Catalytic Dust

Storm Legion

Rift 2.0: Storm Legion
Nov. 13, 2012

Crafting Recipes for dimension items are available for all crafting professions. Speak to Memfara Krei at The Canals in Tempest Bay.


At each tier there will be a small chance to harvest items of the next-higher tier. So although Wanton Stalkers at Flamespawn Crater in Shimmersand require Butchering 225 and yield Soulhide, they have a chance to give Ironhide as well.

1-10Soft HideCracked RibRotting Canine
25-65Thin HideCracked RibRotting Canine
65-85Medium HideShattered BoneJagged Tooth
110-120Heavy HideShattered BoneJagged Tooth
140Heavy Hide
Thick Hide
Shattered Bone
Pristine Femur
Jagged Tooth
Pristine Molar
160Thick HideShattered Bone
Pristine Femur
Jagged Tooth
Pristine Molar
180-210Exotic HidePristine FemurPristine Molar
215-225SoulhideHollow BoneBloody Fang
250IronhideDarkened BoneFanged Mandible
280Dense HideSmall Bones
Collagen Struts
Unerupted Tooth
335Striped HideSmall Bones
Collagen Struts
Unerupted Tooth
350TruehideSmall Bones
Collagen Struts
Unerupted Tooth

Suitable Leveling Areas

  • Freemarch, Silverwood 1 - 95
  • Stonefield, Gloamwood 45 - 125
  • Scarlet Gorge 85 - 135
  • Scarwood Reach 110 - 170
  • Moonshade Highlands, Droughtlands 140 - 190
  • Iron Pine Peak 160 - 245
  • Stillmoor, Shimmersand 225-270
  • Ember Isle 250-300
Storm Legion:
  • Cape Jule, Kingdom of Pelladane 290 - 335
  • Ardent Domain, City Core, Eastern Holdings, Seratos 335-350
  • Kingsward, Ashora, Morban, Steppes of Inifinity 350-375

Butchering Leveling Guide

Some of the mob names in this list are generic, some are specific, but in general other Beast mobs in the same area will be the same Butchering level. Data was gathered from both the Defiant side and the Guardian zones. This list is certainly far from complete but is intended to help guide you through the fastest way to level Butchering. Remember, the fastest leveling occurs when your Skill is close to the minimum skill required (Orange difficulty). This will change to Yellow 10 points above the minimum, Green 10 points after that, and Gray (trivial; no skill increase) after another 10. Although Trivial is usually 50 levels above minimum, the range is smaller at lower levels, and larger at some others.

Novice Butcher
1-46WolvesFreemarchnear Kelari Refuge
Thrashjaws (Crocs)FreemarchKelari Refuge
Razorbacks (Pigs)FreemarchEliam Fields
Silvermane Wolves and Vespids (Wasps)SilverwoodSterling Hills
Marsh Biter (Shambler)SilverwoodSunken Marsh
Bloodgill Scavenger (Piranha), Sandhusk and Lurking ShellfishSilverwoodWreck of the Galena
10-55Ironhides (Crocs) and ShellbacksFreemarchFortune's End
Mossback Lasher (Shambler) and GritshellsSilverwoodFletcher's Beach
25-75RazorteethFreemarchLake of Solace
Shade HoundFreemarchSmith's Haven
Frenzied MarchwolfFreemarchnear Denegar's Stand
Aelfwar CurSilverwoodPalisade
45-95Named beasts (lvl 13+, e.g. Duldrun)Freemarch
Shoveltusks (Boars)Freemarch
Deathhowl MastiffFreemarchIron Fortress
Aelfwar PouncerSilverwoodOverwatch Keep
Darkpaw Prowler and Gloam BatGloamwoodGloamwood Pines
some Named beasts (e.g. Malgar)Freemarch
Named beasts (e.g. Slippy)Stonefield
Young Sicklehorns (Goats)StonefieldStonefield Prairie
Blight Fang (Bats)GloamwoodMathosian Mill
Rotshell Grumbler (Shamblers)GloamwoodTearfall Creek
Gorge RamScarlet GorgeStonecrest
See a Skilled or better Butcher and train to harvest beyond 75
75-125Razorbacks (Boars)Stonefield
Mature Sicklehorns (Goats)StonefieldFar Mine Loop
85-140Named mobs (e.g. Ol' Ness)GloamwoodMillrush Pond
Smoldering Scourge (Raptor) and Smoldering HoundScarlet GorgeRock Ridge
Gorge Beast (Crocs)Scarlet GorgeStonecrest
Grove Swarmer and Grove Drone (Vespids)Scarwood ReachStone Grove
110-160Rooteater BoarScarwood ReachIron Fall
Grove Wasp and Grove Stinger (Vespids)Scarwood ReachStone Grove
Wolves and CatsScarwood ReachScarhide Waste
Wolves, Cats and BoarsScarwood ReachGranitewood Haunt
L32 Darkscale Drake (Drake) and Rockeye BasilisksScarwood ReachTimar Foothills
120-170Wolves and CatsScarwood ReachScarhide Waste
Blacksting Queen (Wasp)Scarwood ReachLotham's Strike
L33 Darkscale Drake (Drake) and Rockeye Lurker (Basilisk)Scarwood ReachTimar Foothills
Deathwing Scout (Planar)Scarwood ReachThe Sagespire
Deathwing ManticoresScarwood ReachShatterbone Canyon
140-190Grubsnout BlacktuskScarwood ReachGranitewood haunt
Cloven StoneramMoonshade HighlandsBoundary Ruins
Shallowcap ScuttlerMoonshade HighlandsThontic Shallows
Ivygrumps (Shamblers)Moonshade HighlandsKelpmere
Stonegazers (Cockatrice)DroughtlandsStalwart Rise
See an Expert or better Butcher and train to harvest beyond 150
160-210Wild Bloodstrutter (Raptor) and Longtooths (Feline)DroughtlandsCentaur's Stand
Razorclaw RaptorsDroughtlandsStormbrood Lair
Redsnow Wolfhound and Darksnarl Loner (Worgs)Iron Pine PeakWhitefall Passage
Meltwater Hunter (Feline) and Glacierback Howler (Wolf)Iron Pine PeakFrozen Valley
180-230Heights FelinesDroughtlandsCarrion Heights
Meltwater Shadowstalker (Feline) and Glacierback Alpha (Wolf)Iron Pine PeakFrozen Valley
Bloodhide Razorscale (Basilisk)Iron Pine PeakRed Gold Claim
Wanton Hound (Wolf)ShimmersandFarsight Tower
195-245Razorclaw Bloodstrider (Raptor)DroughtlandsRedoubt
Stonewing Protector (Dragonian)Iron Pine PeakHowling Caves
Gullet Savage (Raptor)ShimmersandRiptalon Gulch
Mathosian MastiffStillmoorBelmont
Longfang Savage (Wolf)]StillmoorBroken Vale
Lycanthropic Defiant (Werewolf)]StillmoorBroken Vale
215-260Emerald Scale WerewolfStillmoorEdgewood
Bloodfang Tracker (Wolf)StillmoorEdgewood
Hill Shrieker (Bat)StillmoorCrown Hill
Greater Snapmouth (Basilisk)ShimmersandThe Oasis
Wild Mathosian HoundStillmoornear Ruston
See a Master or better Butcher and train to harvest beyond 225
225-270Deepcrag Shadowtracker (Werewolf)Iron Pine PeakCrystal Depths
Lurking HorrorStillmoorRuston
Mathosian Hunting HoundStillmoorDeath's Approach
Wanton Stalker, Flamespawn Mongrel, Maelforge EmberdrakeShimmersandFiresand Desert
Hounds and RaptorsCharmer's Caldera
250-300All BeastsAbyssal Precipice
All BeastsGreenscale's Blight
Shamblers and WaspsExpert Realm of the Fae
All BeastsEmber Isle
See a Grandmaster Butcher and train to harvest beyond 300 (Storm Legion expansion required)
280Scavenging ThunderbirdKingdom of PelladaneCirkbo Plains
295Prowling ScavengerSeratosValley of Bones
Deathgazer Cockatrice, Deathgazer ChickEastern HoldingsReservoir
330Rockhide Trampler, Gliding WindriderKingswardKorolis Valley
Freshwater ClampjawKingswardThe Breach
Tainted Feral BeastMorbanBrink of Angoro
335Wild GoretuskKingswardMenagerie
Twisted ArachnidMorbanForest of Flesh
Woven Beast
Reclusive Decorator
MorbanDen of Lazul
350Dustpaw HoundAshoraJurota Lakes
Stonehide GazerAshoraVizeya
Stalking TerrorAshoraVizeya
Crucia's Hand (Elite)Steppes of InfinityShivered Bluffs
Vengeful DrakeSteppes of InfinityVengeful Sky

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