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Plutonus is a giant Golem in a circular room standing in the middle on a platform. Around him are several circles. These will be important later.

Outside of the platform will be laser beams like in the rooms before. They hit harder (6,000+ crits), so stand on the platform about 1/3 of the way to the center from the outer edge.

He will be tanked best just in the middle where he stands.

Then there will be wall parts moving upwards out of the outer circle on the platform. The amount and location of the wall parts appearing is random.

As soon as the walls appear he will start casting a spell that will kick everyone away. So move fast to one of the walls and keep in the middle, because if you are kicked and are not near the middle of the wall you end up in the laser beams outside...

As soon as the kick happens you have to move AWAY from the middle of the wall - because out of there a laser beam will shot towards Plutonus killing anyone in its way - and move a little towards the middle because Plutonus will randomly fear someone, if you are feared while standing too close to the edge you will walk into the lasers and die.

So simply stand in a circle, run to the next appearing wall, wait for the kick, move back to your old position. Or be a fire mage and stand in the ground of power so you don't have to move at all!


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