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Other than the substantial damage for a normal difficulty boss, he has an ability called Seismic Smash, when this happens, Bonehew will run to the edge of the platform, turn around, and perform a cone damaging knockback that will knock you off the platform if you are too close to the edge and do not avoid it. avoiding it is as simple as sidestepping to either side. There is also an ability called Seismic disturbance which does AE damage to any allies near the person it is cast on, spreading out mitigates all ae damage done, but the target it is cast on will be taking DoT damage.


In expert difficulty, other than a damage increase, the only difference is at 50% the boss will split in 2, each add will have the same abilities as the normal boss did with roughly 120k HP.

It is important to know for both difficulties that the boss is resettable by running down the bridge, as well as if the tank is knocked off the platform, the boss will reset, and all party members should quickly move back to the bridge so that he does not re-aggro after resetting.


467k HP

The DOT (tan circle) is cast on a player (PTAOE). It will pulse for 10 ticks of Shockwave. Stay on rail in your pie wedge.

Tan circle turns into the Bomb (red circle, GTAOE) when expired, but the red circle is fixed on ground and can be moved out of (and should be... fast). If you run out the door (it is permeable) at the last moment you can drop the red GTAOE outside!

Boss splits in two at 50%, same as Expert, with 251K each. Each can do the tan-red AE.

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