Rift Mob:Overseer Markus  

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This boss has three phases.

  • Phase One: The Pull
    • You will pull him with adds that are standing there, but besides that it is an easy tank'n'spank phase.
  • Phase Two: The Vanish
    • Markus will use Vanish (at 50%) and that will reveal 3 Shades of Markus. Those will just have to be tanked and die quite easily.
  • Phase Three: The Reappearing
    • After the 3 Shades are dead, Markus will reappear and will continue to be a tank'n'spank fight.


Same as above, except:

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Same as above, except:

  • Endless Miner spawns periodically
  • Corpses explode so move as adds fall!
  • 4 Shades spawn in Phase Two

dropped Overseer's Belt (new item, Leather, same name as green belt, but with 305 Armor/Str/Dex/End/Phys Crit)

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