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He also has AoE abilities so best to have Melee DPS on Crystal Duty. During the fight he will target a players and send a crystal towards them. If you're targeted, run away from the party. The crystal when it lands will throw you and nearby people away from it. He spawns 2 types of crystals, earth (yellow) and fire (red). DPS must absolutely focus on destroying earth crystals, they will heal him to full health. Fire Crystals explode when destroyed so stay away from them.

Kaleida has a cleave ability so best to keep him facing away from the party.

Be prepared to heal the tank and rest of the group. When a crystal lands it hurts everyone near it. His AoE ability will also take its toll on any Melee attacking the boss directly. This will be a long fight, be prepared with plenty of mana potions and plenty of Wisdom.

Your priority should be to stay away from Red Crystals, then destroy Yellow Crystals then DPS the boss. This is an endurance test of mana, energy and skill.


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Same as Expert EXCEPT:

  • He periodically throws 2 orbs of colored energy which land where a player is and sprout 2 crystals when they hit. When he winds up to throw, MOVE and you have a good chance of avoiding the toss.
    • Get AWAY from Red crystals
    • Gold crystals heal him but not all that much and not worth burning down

Simple straight DPS race. Don't die, burn him as fast as you can.

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