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Serums are crafted by Apothecaries. There are Assault and Fortification serums, and only one of each can be active at the same time. The generic formulae are as follows:

Assault Serums:

  • Intelligence - Plant, Concoction, Flask and Extract
  • Strength - 2 Plants, Flask and Extract
  • Dexterity - Plant, Flask and Extract
  • Wisdom - Plant, Extract, Concoction, and Flask
Fortification Serums:
  • Agility - Dust, Plant and Flask
  • Defense - Bone, Flask and Concoction
  • Endurance - Plant, Bone, Flask and Concoction

Serums will overwrite Scrolls, and vice versa. This does not seem to require the same stat, e.g. Mighty Strength Serum will overwrite Legendary Scroll of Endurance.

To Use
Primary Ingredients
10Intelligence Serum50Creeperbrush Roots
Strength Serum50Creeperbrush Roots and Razorbrush Leaves
Dexterity Serum60Razorbrush Leaves
Wisdom Serum60Razorbrush Leaves
Agility Serum70Krakenweed Stems and Shifting Planar Dust
Defense Serum70Cracked Rib
Endurance Serum70Cracked Rib and Razorbrush Leaves
20Basic Intelligence Serum110Krakenweed Stems
Basic Strength Serum110Evergreen Nettle Stems and Krakenweed Stems
Basic Dexterity Serum120Wyvernspurr Stems
Basic Wisdom Serum120Wyvernspurr Stems
Basic Agility Serum130Wyvernspurr Stems and Enduring Planar Dust
Basic Defense Serum130Shattered Bone
Basic Endurance Serum130Shattered Bone and Wyvernspurr Stems
30Greater Intelligence Serum170Tattertwist Leaves
Greater Strength Serum170Tattertwist Leaves and Drakefoot Stems
Greater Dexterity Serum180Drakefoot Stems
Greater Wisdom Serum180Drakefoot Stems
Greater Agility Serum190Drakefoot Stems and Endless Planar Dust
Greater Defense Serum190Pristine Femur
Greater Endurance Serum190Pristine Femur and Drakefoot Stems
40Mighty Intelligence Serum230Basiliskweed Stems
Mighty Strength Serum230Basiliskweed Stems and Drakefoot Seed
Mighty Dexterity Serum240Basiliskweed Stems
Mighty Wisdom Serum240Basiliskweed Stems
Mighty Agility Serum250Basiliskweed Stems and Endless Planar Dust
Mighty Defense Serum250Hollow Bone
Mighty Endurance Serum250Hollow Bone and Basiliskweed Stems
50Lesser Recon Serum Purchasable for 500 Favor from The Unseen and The Order of the Eye
Note: - Planar Dusts are common drops from all rifts, invasions and footholds, and can also be obtained by Apothecaries from Salvaging. Bones and teeth are gathered by Butchers. All other ingredients are gathered by Foragers. Ingredients purchased from merchants are not listed.

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