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Portal in IPP (BETA artwork)
Portal in IPP (BETA artwork)
A Barrier Relay as seen on the maps
A Barrier Relay as seen on the maps
All data on this page was gathered during the three BETA weekends held in advance of the release of Storm Legion and should be considered provisional. Any or all of it could change before launch. Now that the NDA has lifted, any information here that also belongs on another specific page will be copied there.
  • To get to the new lands, find the giant Porticulum that was discovered inside the ruins on Cloudbourne Tarn near the Chancel of Labors in Iron Pine Peak.
  • Every Storm Legion Travel Stone or Portalmaster will offer to send you home city and, once you have been there, your home Portalmaster can send you to Plaza Aurentine in Tempest Bay.
  • Crafters can now train up to Grandmaster, raising their skill cap to 375. Adventurers can level to 60.
  • To get a cape, explore Pelladane or Cape Jule. Follow story quests for new solo armor.
  • Don't forget, you can bind a key such as F12 to hide other players. Things are going to be VERY crowded at launch.
  • To get to Tempest Bay:
  • The Torvan Hunters of Tempest Bay sell World Gear and special lures that can open a Hunt tear for a specific named Planar boss. The gear works like HK gear, requiring a Cell and the gear. Bind the correct Cell to your gear to tailor it for your role. They also have NPCs for Raid and Sliver dailies.
  • Adventure Dealers also sell gear, similar to but not as good as the World Gear from the Torvan Hunters.
  • In Brevane and Dusken, Sourcewells are called Barrier Relays. The same Nexus skill you already have will work to heal or repair them, but at the Necropolis in Seratos you find a Psymmunic Spine which requires Brevanic Restoration to repair. This is for a quest and you are given the skill when needed.
  • Barrier Relays are now clearly visible on the maps.
  • By consuming 10 Silver Mugs of Ale in The Canals (Tempest Bay) you can become Drunk. It lasts for 3 minutes and seems to have no other effect.
  • A new Max Quests counter has been added to the Quest Log UI for Carnage Quests. This brings the total to 75 Carnage, Daily and Other quests (25 each).
  • Omi the Puzzle Master is swimming in The Canals. She sells special rare Collection pieces. All of her goods must be unlocked by completing puzzles in one or more zones.

New Souls

Each Calling gets a new soul, all four of which are heavy on the Magitech (Empyrean Technology).

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Tempest Bay

Zone Progression

See Category:Quest Series (Rift).


Tempest Rising

This is the introductory World Event (slated for Oct. 16, 2012, to Feb. 26, 2013) for the launch of Storm Legion.

Phase 1: Gust Front

Phase 2: Cold Wave

Phase 3: Tempest Rising

Find and purge the corruption Crucia's will is unleashing throughout Telara.

Phase 4: Breaking Storm

Planar Consumables

A new tier of level 50 Consumables is introduced.

See Planar Consumables.


To raise your skill cap to 375 you must train with a Grandmaster of your craft (for 1 0 0 ). Grandmasters, Crafting Stations and Recipe Merchants can be found at:



Tempest Bay:

    • All crafting trainers and Grandmasters are in The Canals.

New recipe merchants are available, selling high-end recipes for a combination of Artisan's Marks, Master Craftsman's Marks and the all-new Grandmaster Craftsman's Marks. Some of the basic new recipes will be available from both your Grandmaster and your recipe vendor so make sure to get them from your Grandmaster for plain coin (unless you really want to spend Marks to get them?)

ClothSale ValueNotes
Lanzan ClothStorm Legion and Undead in Brevane and Dusken
Chiffon ClothBrevane and Dusken
Empyrean SilkBrevane and Dusken


290-Dense HideCollagen StrutsUnerupted Tooth
290-Striped Hide
Name Cost Skill Ingredient
Dense Leather 1 0  300 1 Dense Hide
Striped Leather 2 0  335 1 Striped Hide
Truehide Leather 3 0  350 1 Truehide


Without a doubt, the best way to get Mining up is killing and mining Constructs. Generally, mine-able mobs are easier to find than mineral nodes. Kingdom of Pelladane has many Constructs so that is a good place to start.

See Mining.


Without a doubt, the best way to get Foraging up is killing and harvesting Fae. Generally, forage-able mobs are easier to find than plants and wood nodes. Cape Jule has many with Boglings so that is a good place to start.

See Foraging.


See Fishing.


These are potential drops from all mobs in Dusken and Brevane.



There are no new blue and purple items (sparkling and shimmering). The five new items, listed above, are not a part of the previous pattern and have no lesser or greater items they combine to make. Grandmaster Runecrafters sell one new item, Empyrean Essence, for 1 0 0 , which is also required for Transmutation. All new recipes sold by the recipes vendor have a minimum required skill of 375. This includes Gleaming, Empyrean and Auroral runes and runeshards.


With Storm Legion, Trion is removing the original Augments but not the concept. Now, instead of needing Guild Bank space to hold all the piles of Augments, each crafter will be able to make six Augments, and can always trade for others, then use that in the crafting to produce the final improved product. Some Augment recipes are training from your Master, some are on the Recipe vendors (for Marks). They are not too expensive but you do have to buy them.

Now that 1.11 has gone live, all existing Augments have been changed into an appropriate new Augment so you not not lose the vault full of Augments you are holding.

See the Storm Legion-corrected version of the Augmentation Guide.


There is a new type of quest found throughout Brevane and Dusken, plus a change to a quest type you already know.

Onslaught - Daily - Basically the same as in Ember Isle, except the NPC to start them is almost never right by a Barrier Relay. When he is, he will be a holovid named Euclid Klara. Also, when a Zone Event is happening, the Sourcewell will be spiked by a huge crozier-looking thing. This prevents repairing the arch and no invasions will appear to attack even if you repair all of the defensive machines.

Carnage - Frequently, killing a mob will launch an automatic quest to kill more of the same creature. These reward coin and Empyreal Sourcestone. The icon you see to the left, when seen on the upper-left of a creature's name, indicates they will start a Carnage quest if killed. You can only do each Carnage quest once. You can have a maximum of 25 Carnage quests in your quest log at one time.

Here are a few examples:

Personal Dimensions

moved to Dimensions

New Seals

These have been moved to Seals.

New Collections

Here are just a few we have run into.

New Survival Foods

These have been moved to Survival.

Rift 2.0: Storm Legion
Nov. 13, 2012

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