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The Mercenaries of Aht Urhgan

The army of mercenaries who reside in Aht Urhgan are often willing to do the Empire's bidding in exchange for a handful of imperial coins. Cunning and battle-hardened, the Aht Urhgan mercenaries are much like their adventurer counterparts on the Mindartia and Quon continents.

Becoming A Mercenary

Complete the quest AU3 - President Salaheem

Head to Rytaal at the Commission Agency (K-10) to get access for Assault. Talk to Naja Salaheem for a short cutscene telling you to speak with Fubruhn @ (F-11) about your Mog Locker. Speaking to Fubruhn is optional, at this time, and will cause the follow-up cutscene to air after completing the mission. Wait until midnight (Japan time). Talk to Naja Salaheem again to finish the mission.

Head back to Rytaal to sign up for Assault missions.

Assaults By Area

Assault Rewards

Points received from completing assault missions can be exchanged at the Commissions Office for various pieces of armor and weapons. Some of these pieces are considered good enough to wear in endgame situations.

The rewards for assaults can be seen on the assault-by-area pages above.

Click here to see the Assault Armor Sets.

Click here to see the Nyzul Isle Armor Sets.

Mercenary Ranks

Holding a higher mercenary rank gives access to new assault areas. To earn promotions, players must win a certain number of assaults, then complete a quest for Naja Salaheem. The mercenary ranks and promotion requirements are:

Rank Quest To Obtain Rank Key Item Obtained Points Needed
Private Second Class AU3 - President Salaheem PSC Wildcat Badge 25
Private First Class Promotion: Private First Class PFC Wildcat Badge 25
Superior Private Promotion: Superior Private SP Wildcat Badge 25
Lance Corporal Promotion: Lance Corporal LC Wildcat Badge 25
Corporal Promotion: Corporal C Wildcat Badge 25
Sergeant Promotion: Sergeant S Wildcat Badge 25
Sergeant Major Promotion: Sergeant Major SM Wildcat Badge 25
Chief Sergeant Promotion: Chief Sergeant CS Wildcat Badge 25
Second Lieutenant Promotion: Second Lieutenant SL Wildcat Badge 25
First Lieutenant Promotion: First Lieutenant FL Wildcat Badge N/A
Captain Promotion: Captain Captain Wildcat Badge N/A

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