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There are no new crafting quests with Chains of Eternity, but crafters do get some new skills and mechanics. See also:

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Recipe Books

Recipe books are titled "Grandmaster Basic" and "Grandmaster Advanced." Basic volumes 93+ can be found on the usual merchants, but Advanced (93 and up) are mob-dropped. The level 91 and 92 basic and advanced books can be purchased after completion of the Withered Lands Tradeskill Quests.

Update: With GU66 these books have been renamed in line with other tiers as "XXX Essentials" and "Advanced XXX" for volumes 91+. There is no volume 90. The quest requirement for purchase has been removed and Advanced volumes 93+ have been added to recipe merchants in addition to still being mob-dropped.


All harvestables may be found on nodes in The Eidolon Jungle and Obol Plains. These yield Tier 10 materials:

Tier 10 Resources
Resource Node Common Rare Imbuing Material
Primordial Fragment
Animal Densthick bear pelt, panther meat, raptor meatmetallic reptile hideeffulgent material

effulgent primordial fragment
Fishplump haddock, cutthroat troutnone
Rootmatoppie rootsbanyan root
Oresrhenium oretungsten ore
Shrubswhite peony tea leaf, plump lychee, aduki bean, ripe mangosteenashenbone clover
Stonesiridium cluster, amethystblack star sapphire, osmium cluster
Woodsswamp ash lumberbubinga lumber
etherwood lumber
NotesThe Withered Lands has no fishing nodes.
etherwood lumber is an ultra-rare chance when you harvest a rare bubinga

Tradeskill AA

Tradeskill AA are now earned separately from Adventure AA! The Tradeskill AA tree remains the same. See: Tradeskill Alternate Advancements

Tradeskill Prestige Abilities

With the introduction of Prestige Abilities tradeskillers get their own Prestige track. You may choose from Refining, Experimentation or Mass Production. See: Tradeskill Prestige Abilities


With Chains of Eternity all tinkered items with the exception of the Mechanized Platinum Repository of Reconstruction are now tradable, can be used by all classes, and do not require tinkering skill to use.

Tinkerers gain some unattuner recipes.


Adorners gain some green adornment recipes.

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