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Older than the Six Gods, from a time before humans, forgotten, and possibly even giganticus lupicus appeared on the world of Tyria, the Elder Dragons are a mysterious race of draconic creatures more dangerous than any one threat Tyria has ever faced before.

In 1120 AE, Primordus was the first to awaken, causing havoc in the Depths of Tyria and ensuring that the asura would never return. The dwarves traveled into the depths to suppress his forces but it is unknown how successfully. Following Primordus came Jormag who awoke in 1165 AE, emerging from the ice at Drakkar Lake and driving the norn from the Far Shiverpeaks.

Other dragons began to stir. In 1219 AE, Zhaitan's awakening caused the entire Orrian peninsula to rise from the ocean, flooding the coastlines of Tyria and drowning thousands. Zhaitan conscripted those killed into an undead army, spanning the Strait of Malchor and blocking access to and from Cantha. Another dragon awoke at the bottom of the sea, creating tentacled horrors from rivers and lakes. In 1320 AE, Kralkatorrik rose from north of the Charr Homelands, flying south over Ascalon, corrupting everything in its path. It settled in the Crystal Desert effectively preventing communication with Elona.

The Elder Dragons maintain a stranglehold over Tyria to this day, their power rivaling the Six Gods themselves. If the races of Tyria wish to survive, they will have to work together in defeating these terrible beasts.

The Elder Dragons also have no true gender by the standards of the other races.

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  • The Movement of the World mentions a "cycle" of awakening. Nothing more is known about this statement.
  • The dragons may not be as united as previously thought. An interview implies that the dragons fight among themselves as well as against the races of Tyria.[1]


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