Gloamwood (Rift Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneGloamwood
Rec. Levels19 to 25
Previous Silverwood
Next Scarlet Gorge
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Quest Series
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Long ago there were two sisters, Laria and Delilath, the daughters of Athana, who lived happily in the woods until The Shade came. One fought the rifts while the other learned to bend them to her will. When Laria died fighting Regulos, Delilath blamed the people of Gloamwood, rather than Regulos, and cursed them. This evil act of vengeance opened her heart to The Destroyer.

Story Quests

  1. Varian Lofte, South of Silkweb Pass
  2. Caleb Matson in Silkweb Outpost

  1. Waykeeper Sharla
    1. Fire and Venom (22) - Destroy three Goblin Venom stockpiles: at the goblin camps, near the cauldron, and near the ruins
    2. The Light in the Gloam (22) - Speak with Furtho Dragomir in Gloamwood Pines
    3. The Goblin Bane (22) - Use the Gloam Bell at Furtho Dragomir's balcony
    4. In Recognition of Valor (22) - Speak to Sheriff Thalia Cosmin in Gloamwood Pines
  2. Brother Jebiah - After Secret of the Pines
    1. Diary of a Hag (25) - Steal the Hag's Diary
    2. The Light of Jebiah (25) - Use Jebiah's Ring at the mouth of Greybriar Hollow Cave
    3. Cleansing Fire (25) - Use the Cleansing Fire to kill the Blazing Werewolves of Darkwood Manor, Briarsmith Manor and Hawthorn Manor
    4. After Stemming the Darkness:
      1. A Woman Scorned (25) - Defeat the Hag at Shadefallen Keep
  3. Furtho Dragomir
    1. Savior of Gloamwood (25) - Use the Gloam Bell at Furtho Dragomir's balcony

Gnarlwood Post

Laenaya Niro

  1. A Shadow on the Path (20) - Speak with Marshal Oakheart in Gloamwood Pines
  2. After Green Eyed Monster:
  3. Field Tested, Goblin Approved (21) - Test the Goblin Venom on 6 goblins in Gloamwood
  4. Into the Deeps (22) - Speak with Waykeeper Sharla in Darkening Deeps

Waykeeper Brion

  1. The Apothecary (20) - Collect 7 Barghest Furs from Darkpaw Barghests in Gloamwood Pines
  2. After Field Tested, Goblin Approved:
  3. To Keep Them Fighting (22) - Deliver the Medical Supplies to Waykeeper Sera near Darkening Deeps

Waykeeper Thil

  1. Bleeding Green (21) - Kill 8 {Rift Mob Search Goblins and 8 Barkeater Goblins

Laria - Unlocked by The Seed of History, Summon her via the Forest Altar across the road and up the hill from Gnarlwood Post

  1. First:
  2. Shade of the Family (22) - Deliver Laria's Locket to Gwyddon Duskenleaf in Gloamwood Pines


Waykeeper Ienja

Gloamwood Pines

Furtho Dragomir

  1. An Unwelcome Visitor (20) - Speak with Gwyddon Duskenleaf in Gloamwood Pines
  2. After A Woman Scorned:
    1. Savior of Gloamwood (25) - Use the Gloam Bell at Furtho Dragomir's balcony
    2. A Hero's Duty (25) - Speak with Fyvel Goodman in Overwatch in the Scarlet Gorge

Marshal Oakheart

  1. Marshal the Troops (20) - Speak with Sergeant Faid in Silkweb Pass
  2. After Ill Tidings:
  3. After The Light in the Gloam:
    1. The Goblin Bane (22) - Use the Gloam Bell at Furtho Dragomir's balcony
    2. In Recognition of Valor (22) - Speak with Sheriff Thalia Cosmin in Gloamwood Pines
  4. After Marching Onward:
  5. After Quieting the Beast:

Gwyddon DuskenleafCaleb Matson

  1. The Seed of History (21) - Speak with Laria at the Forest Altar near Gnarlwood Post
  2. After Shade of the Family:
  3. After A Burgher With Lies:

Waykeeper ThimmWaykeeper Valin

  1. A Solemn Solution (21) - Speak with Alistair Solemn at Solemn Outlook

John Tintan

  1. A Dangerous Trade (20) - Collect 5 Cloudbourne Ice Necklaces
  2. Good Luck Charms (21) - Collect 6 Blighted Vertebrae, 6 Unblemished Collarbones, and 4 Petrified Bark Splinters fron Nightrock and Darkblood Goblins in Darkening Deeps, and Blackroot Treants in the Grove of the Ancients
  3. After A Burgher With Lies:

Thalia Cosmin

Drusk Nightclaw

  1. The Beast of Greybriar Hollow (23) - Kill The Hollow's Beast and 10 Greybriar Barghests
  2. Quieting The Beast (23) - Speak with Doctor Oswell and Furtho Dragomir, and present the Medal of Valor in The Dusken Draft

Doctor Oswell

  1. Where the Moon Blossoms (23) - Collect 6 Moon Blossoms
  2. After Bite Marks:
  3. A Burgher with Lies (23) - Speak with Furtho Dragomir


Armorer Denard

  1. Rage Against the Machineborn (24) - Kill 10 Defiant invaders and footholds in Gloamwood

Thalia Cosmin

  1. No Ghost Story (24) - Kill 16 rift creatures in Gloamwood

Captain Rotherdan

  1. Volunteer Duty (24) - Group (3): Seal 3 rifts in Gloamwood

Monster Wrangling

A group of items, all uncommon drops from monsters throughout the zone, both common and rare, that each start a quest to take the item to Wrangler Dein in Gloamwood Pines.

Completing all of the above rewards the Achievement, Trophy Hunter

The Dusken Draft

Janina SolemnNigel Solemn

    1. Janina's Revenge (21) - Kill 3 Solemn Outlook Undead (Restless Spirit, Anguished Specter, etc)
    2. May It Serve You Better (21) - Deliver Nigel's Good Luck Charm to Janina Solemn

    Solemn Outlook

    Alistair Solemn

    Silkweb Outpost

    [[Rift Mob:


    Waykeeper Valin

    Silkweb Pass

    Sergeant FaidLieutenant EzanCaptain Trebian

    1. March of the Defenders (20) - Escort the soldiers through Silkweb Pass
    2. Havoc Trail (20) - Escort the Injured Recruit to Silkweb Outpost
    3. Ill Tidings (20) - Speak with Marshal Oakheart in Gloamwood Pines

    Web-Wrapped Crate located at 5828, 3780

    Cocooned Corpse located at 5771, 3497

    Killing any Gloamsik Spider starts:

    Grove of the Ancients

    Waykeeper Sera

    1. The Waykeeper's Keeper (22) - Find Waykeeper Darion in the Darkening Deeps
    2. Removing the Head (22) - Kill Nizak near the ruins, Graul at the goblin camp, and Buguk in the spider cave

    East Deepwood Trail

    Ral Teralar - walking on the East Deepwood Trail

    1. Camping by the Creek (23) - Light the Campfire at Ral Teralar's campsite
    2. After:
    3. Next:
    4. A Family Heirloom (23) - Deliver the Teardrop Talisman to Fiona Leone at Tearfall Run

    Tearfall Run

    Arthur Roames

    LariaFiona LeoneArthur RoamesBrother Jebiah

    1. Millrush Pond and the Mathosian Mill:
    2. After Secret of the Pines:
    3. She's Lived Long Enough (25) - Confront the Hag
    4. Stemming the Darkness (25) - Kill the Malevolent Shade Well

    Heart of the Legend - dropped by Graveroot Ancient at Mathosian Mill

    After She's Lived Long Enough

    Fiona Leone

    1. Purification Ritual (25) - Use Shade Ward at the East, West and South Towers
    2. Taking the Shadows (25) - Collect 7 Shade Runes
    3. Spreading the Word (25) - Speak with Sir Greg Armex at Crimson Wash in Scarlet Gorge

    Arthur Roames

    1. The Iron Pine Butcher (25) - Kill the Iron Pine Butcher
    2. An End to the Court (25) - Kill Tormentor Ustatia, Warlord Drylios, Assassin Loretia, and Alhain Dreadscar

    Brother Jebiah

    1. Slaying the Shadebent (25) - Kill 10 Shadebent Undead
    2. Flickering Shadows (25) - Kill 6 Nightmist Umbrals


    Waykeeper Leilandra

    Darkening Deeps

    Venom-Stained Key - dropped by Nizak

    1. Venom-Stained Key (22) - Give the Venom-Stained Key to a Captured Civilian in the "Darkening Deeps'
    2. Out of Harm's Way (22) - Escort the Captured Civilian to Waykeeper Sera

    Darkening Deeps - Dungeon

    Darkening Deeps is both the name of the goblin camps outside the cave, and the name of the dungeon inside.

    Starts automatically when you enter the instance:

    Crusader Bertrand (the only one left...)

    1. Dragon Worship (23) - Destroy the 5 Idols of Maelforge throughout the dungeon

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